While there are some built in features that can help you achieve this, installing an external app can go a long way in making the process a lot less tiring and time consuming as well?  In any case, you have other important things to do besides monitoring data usage on your iPhone. In that case, it is advisable to choose the best free iPhone app to monitor datausage especially when you do not intend to spend a dime on an app. Here is some of the best data usage monitoring apps for iPhone in the market today.

1. My Verizon mobile

This application is only designed for Verizon iPhone users. Nevertheless, it carries amazing features that red carrier users will fall in love with. It can inform users how much data they have used in the past one month. Additionally, it helps users to establish how many texts they have sent and how much call time they have had in the past month. It also allows users to view their plans and then pay their bills. For any Verizon user, this free app is a must have even if it means using it together with any other app.

2. Data usage monitor

The primary benefit of this app is that it is quite exhaustive. Data usage monitor app provides users with the option of checking either Wifi or cellular data and consequently calculating the amount of data used for present and so far in the current month as well as how many megabytes are remaining. Data usage statistics is presented in the form of graphs, percentage and compass which resembles a speedometer. Users can turn on and off their data limit alerts as well as real time data use monitoring. However, you must note that real time option usually access location services that mean that they will continue to run in the background after hitting the Home button.

3. DataWiz

Besides being free, this app is basic and extremely simple. Besides tracking, it also predicts data usage for iPhone users. Prediction of data usage is usually dependent on the pattern of your regular data usage. However, DataWiz only operates at maximum performance and accuracy if your cellular data is turned on all the time. In this regard, turning off your phone with the aim of saving battery will interfere with the accuracy of tracked data. It could be potentially damaging as data limits can exceed.

 4. DataMan Next

 This is a simple yet effective app for tracking data usage. This app displays both wi-fi and cellular data usage as a percentage of the allocated monthly amount. Additionally, it works well with all the cellular carriers. It means that it is highly compatible for any iPhone device or on any network. It is suitable for alerting users when they reach specific percentages of data use. Such alerts usually change color in accordance with a value that makes the app easy to read and thus easy to use.