Everyone likes to be fashionable. These French clothing brands  for Men and Women are hot on the market now. Most designers are going for the natural sea look or the retro style that has taken over the fashion industry.It is a new hot and trendy look. What I like about it is that you can be cool and sophisticated at the same time.

The Top French Clothing Brands for Women and Men List

  •  Louis Vuitton
  • Dior Homme
  • Lucien Pellat
  • Herme's
  • Chanel
  • Givenchy
  • Balenciaga
  • Y.S.L.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is one of the best top French clothing line are hot on the market. It is the number one top favorite  I like myself .The brand has a nice new Spring Collection that recently came out.The Spring collection introduces soft pastel colors, such as pink,mint green and a nice light yellow color.I think this was a great idea for the New Spring collection.

This brand always stands out from most designer clothing and that is one reason why his brand is still one of the top French  clothing brands since 1854 when it was founded.

Beautiful Dior Shawl GAUCHO

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Look at this gorgeous shawl from Dior with bright orange color. Lovely for party.

Dior Homme

Another one of my top favorites are Dior Homme which has brought a different French twist since 1947. Kris Van Assche has invented a new style to the fashion industry using silhouettes demonstrating a New age look in fashion.

It's brand has been one of France hottest brands for year an still today it remains one of the top  French clothing brands in 2012. Kris Van Assche introduced a hot new "Rock Star" look that has done awesome in the new world of fashion.

Lucien Pellat

I love Lucien Pellat. The cashmere the clothing are made from is the softest you could ever imagine.Not only is it soft but very comfortable next to your skin.Makes me feel like silk and I'm worth a million bucks when I where this brand.It is one of  the  top French clothing brands .

The unique design symbol has become well know in the fashion industry today.He recently added cashmere t-shirts are unique in quality and price.


Herme's high quality vintage style clothing has defiantly proven to be for the high class and sophisticated.Being one of the top French clothing brands it is a design of exquisite taste. Many celebrities choose this trendy brand and don't mind the price.The fragrance tells a story itself.It's history is none like no other the company is family owned for six  generations and is still going strong today.

Compared to many other French top  brands handbags today this brand is one of the best because of the price and exclusive handmade materials ever made in the world. Most of Heme's  handbags takes more than 24 hours to make just one.  I would love to have a scarf I could be happy and fashionable at the same time. The vintage clothing styles are one of my favorite looks now and extremely classy.


Chanel is one of the top French clothing brands often seen worn by the upper class society.The clothing is well known for a clean sophisticated look but also comfortable at the same time.Coco Chanel began to create her unique yet outspoken look for women in 1909.The brand has a history of thriving in the clothing market.

The Spring collection is "Icy" and water colors schemes with dazzling tastes of sophistication  which is just my kind of style. I know every women probably would prefer it over others.The brand offers a more natural looking style that women are often going for now.Well known for it's fragrance also, It has a soft scent fit for a princess and add a one of the name brand outfit from this line you can't go wrong. 


Givenchy has a style of it's own from the high fashion trends and style makes it stand out. This is one of the top French brands that has been around for a while. Tisci  is the designer of the brand now he has a exotic Spring collection just came out. I love the sea animal teeth and other under the sea looks to fit the season.

It's Spring collection went for the well tailored short sleeve jacket look that I think would fit many different looks.The evening gowns are more of a retro style look that most people are going for in this day and time.


Balenciaga  is one of the most luxurious top French clothing brands there is.I love this brand clothing. The style  is a brand of it's own. The  new clothing style introduces a dynamic vinyl material that almost looks metallic.The brand parachute pants are also one of the brands hot new styles.The brand is known for it's dynamic style and materials such as letter and ostrich.It is a brand the French loves. I find it very interesting in style.


Yves Saint Laurent is one of the top French clothing brands that is a hot trendy brand.I prefer this style over most brand personally.The styles are unique in taste by artistic and baby doll style that is very hot in the fashion industry right now.I love the French peacoat style it is cute and very different. just the approach I'm looking for most of the time.It is a very fun brand of clothing. I can see why it is one of the French top clothing brands. I love it!

These brands are the top French clothing brands that are nationally known with a history of class, elegance, and sophistication.

 It's important to always have a good look with these top French brands and styles to choose from you can't go wrong. I know we all like to look fabulous sometimes.