There Are Fun Things To Do in the Snow

Don't let the snow in winter get you down. Enjoy some of these fun things to do in the snow to make the most of it.

You don't have to sit in the house waiting for spring. Instead, get out there and put the snow and ice to work for you. There are several things that can only be done when there is snow, so make the snow work to your advantage and start a new hobby this winter.

You can choose to take your workout outdoors in winter if you wish as there are several great athletic options. Of course, you can just play in the snow too. It's up to you.

Athletic Activites in the Snow

There are several things that you can do for fun when it snows that will give you a good workout as well.

Skiing is a great way to enjoy some fresh snow. If you feel like a thrill you can go to a ski hill to do a little downhill skiing, but a much more accessible and free option is cross-country skiing. If you live in a snowy climate you most likely have access to groomed park trails that make cross-country skiing a joy. If not, blaze your own trail. It will be a great workout.

Snowshoeing is One Fun Winter ActivitySnowshoeing is another great option when the snow gets deep. If you don't have access to ski trails you can always snowshoe through the woods. The snow depth is not a big deal with these special shoes. In fact, you want a nice amount of snow. You will get out in nature, see birds and animals, and get a little peace while you're out there.

Sledding is not only fun for kids and adults, it is a great workout. Riding down the hill is great fun, but it's the walk back up that will give you some exercise. That makes for no guilt fun all day long. In fact, you will burn enough calories to enjoy a big cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows when you get home.

Ice skating is a great option for winter. While you don't want much snow in the ice, it is the cold of winter that makes frozen rinks and ponds possible, so enjoy it. If it has to be so cold that water freezes, you might as well put the frozen water to use and make the most of it. Once you have a pair of skates you can go back to the rink again and again to hone your skills.

If you are ready to take ice skating up a notch, play hockey. All you need is a stick and a puck to make it work. You can find anything to simulate a goal, or your local skating rink at a park may have goals installed already. Hockey is fun for two people or a whole group. Just watch out for the hitting and keep it friendly.

Fun Things To Do in the Snow

If you're not up for a workout but just want to have fun, here are some great snow options for you.

Build a Snowman This WinterBuild a snowman. How long has it been since you really built a high quality snowman, complete with a hat, eyes, and nose? Why not make this the winter that a snowman reappears in your yard? A snowman is like yard art but you don't have to buy it. You get to make it however you want. If the weather cooperates, your snowman may be around for a long time, so do it right.

Make a snow fort. Building a fort out of snow is a great group activity and the kids love it because the completed fort gives them a place to hang out. You can build walls only or attempt to make a full igloo if the snow is packing just right. Another option if you live in a hilly area is to dig a fort out of a big drift.

Have a snowball fight. If the snow is loose enough you can have a classic snowball fight. Of course, if the snow packs like ice think twice, especially if the ages of the participants varies a lot. Another twist on the snowball fight is to build an obstacle course of sorts and have people try to get through it without getting hit by a snowball. Think of American Gladiators except with snowballs.

Make snow angels. You remember the snow angel don't you? Just find a spot with undisturbed snow, lay on your back, and then move your arms and legs along the ground to make the angel. When you are done, carefully get up and enjoy your work.

Other Fun Snow Options

Are you still looking for ideas? Here are a few more.

Go snowmobiling. If you don't have snowmobiles see if a friend or neighbor has some you can borrow or consider renting them once per year to get out on a trek. Snowmobile trails are a lot of fun and you can find trails that are suitable for beginners and others that are made for experienced riders to get the ride that you want.

Photography in the SnowTake creative pictures. Fresh snow glistening in the sun makes for fantastic pictures. Get out into nature and bring your camera along to capture some unforgettable sights while you are in the snow. There are some great places to look, like a half-frozen stream, icicles hanging from a rocky ledge, or bird and ground animals contrasting with the white snow, but you will find sights you were not expecting when you use a photographers mindset. Pictures of kids in the snow are always great and will be cherished for years.

You have many options when the snow falls. One of them is to stay in the house and wish for spring, but that is the wrong choice. Go ahead and make the most of winter and enjoy it. It will come around once per year whether you like it or note. Take advantage of some of these fun things to do in the snow and you may even look forward to winter next year.