10 Gadgets top the list for 2013

The world is revolutionizing and so are our lives. As we enter into the New Year i.e. 2013, people are just curious about what is coming up next. In today’s world we are surrounded by machines and top gadgets that have advanced so well over the past decade that it seems you can’t live properly without them anymore. They have become aids for everyday living, and even avenues for starting and maintaining businesses.
But in the tech world, anticipation is reserved more for the innovators of the business. Outstanding device innovations (we’re not seeing a lot of inventions lately, but hey) equate to wicked flash and status symbolism for the consumers; get a phone that’s top of the line (people will think iPhone 5 of course, though the Samsung Galaxy S III won 2012’s best device of the year), or a laptop or tablet (PC sales have dwindled; hopefully Windows 8 provides the needed stimulus to bring them back in the game). And in the gaming world, a ton of new video cards will of course be coming out for the next generation of games. Microsoft seems to have the leg up with rumors of the new Xbox doing its rounds way ahead of Sony’s PlayStation.
Okay, so here’s a quick rundown of just some of the huge plethora of devices slated for launch this 2013, and also some that have been launched late in 2012 which are considered huge competitors for the coming year as well.

1. Xbox 720, codename “Durango” (Christmas 2013 Speculated release date)

X Box 720 imageCredit: http://www.techradar.com/us/news/gaming/consoles/xbox-720-release-date-news-and-rumours-937167

Number one on our list of 2013 top gadgets is the Xbox 720. Judging by the build of the 360, this one will be pretty sweet. Rumor has it that this system will not come with an optical reader though, and games will be streamed through Xbox Loop (or some other proprietary system if that’s how they want it). We can be sure Xbox will deliver yet again.


2. PlayStation 4, codename

PlayStation LogoCredit: Wikipedia CommonsOf course, the fourth PlayStation will be head to head with Xbox (as always) when it comes to graphics processing. So much is left in speculation though, except for AMD providing the GPU. Imagine playing to the graphics level of a full CG movie (Avatar is a close guess); we would hope so anyway, and who knows what they’ll come up with this time to spice up the console to become top gadget.

3. OUYA (not released)

The first game console ever to be powered by Android, this device allows you to both purchase games and design them (in full Android spirit, and why not?), as well as modify the system with ease, e.g. adding hardware and modifying software and OS. On top of that, Sony and Microsoft expresses support for this gaming console as well.

4. Next-generation Samsung Galaxy S (no news of this one yet)

No, we don’t know yet if there will be an S IV; or S4. Well whatever they name it, it’s going to have to live up to big bro’s name, having trumped every other phone in sales and practicality (Android’s been making a lot of things happen lately eh?). Plus there’s that patent war between Apple and Samsung that will probably go on ‘til the end of time, so Samsung’s got to come out with a babe to win the crowds.

5. Next-generation iPhone (probably to be named iPhone 5s or 6)

Now these guys from Apple pay a lot of their respect and gratitude to Steve Jobs, and the last iteration (iPhone 5) was developed under his extensive supervision. When he passed on, the 4 had to make way for the 4S first, all while they placed finishing touches on the 5. It’s Apple’s marketing genius that placed them on the map, using technology which used to be so obscure and weird; and by making those practical and fashion-forward, Apple basically won the world (well, a good portion of it anyway) so expect the sixth one to stand up to the hype.

6. Google Nexus 10 (not released)

The Nexus 7 was hailed by many due to its value for money (has the latest OS, lots of great specs, but doesn’t cost as much as the iPad Mini), and it isn’t hard to expect the same thing from the Nexus 10 as top gadgets. We expect, for one, for it to continue where the 7 has left off, it being a practical, user-friendly tablet that left all competition in the dust.

7. Microsoft Surface (first released October 2012)

We just can’t wait to have the later version of this one. A tab with a thin, fold-out flexible keyboard is just something that wasn’t commercially successful before. Of course the guys at Microsoft have had the idea for years, except they were doing so well that time under Bill Gates that they never really bothered to put much force behind it. Expect software and performance upgrades for this one if not new colors for the keypads (those pastel colors are just so nice to the eyes)

8. MakerBot Replicator 3D printer (released 2012)

Why this 2012 release is on this 2013 top gadgets list is simple: it’s just so amazingly cool. This thing prints out 3D objects, and we mean figurines, models, little toys if you want. Your imagination (and, well, the size) is the limit. People have called for a design improvement, much in the looks department and also because it’s quite clunky. Expect reiterations of this and possibly even higher versions which are undoubtedly over the $2,000 mark.

9. Windows 8 is showing great!

Windows 8 is expected to shape PCs, smartphones, and tablets alike in the coming years. It’s so revolutionary that it’s departed from all current Windows layouts and began to integrated touch with both handheld and PC systems. It’s going to be a matter of preference in the end, but discomfort with change is already a thing of the past, apparently.

10. Pebble E-Paper Watch (not released yet)

Smart-watches are hot 2013 top gadget contenders. The most anticipated, though, is undoubtedly also the highest funded Kickstarter project in the face of history, with over $10M in proceeds to build this smartwatch. This watch communicates with an iOS or Android device so you can view your messages from there. It is also pre-loaded with applications, and will be customizable as well. It’s also good for monitoring your body every time you work out, sleep, etc.