Do You Need a Gift for a Special Teenager Who is Turning 18?

When I gave birth to my daughter in 1995, I was so excited!  Not only was she a big, beautiful healthy baby, but I was going to be able to relive so much of my own childhood with her.  Dressing up my little doll and doing her long hair in different styles was fun, but what was even better was buying all of the toys for her that I once loved.  

For birthdays and holidays, she always wanted Barbies.  She had an entire playroom full of every Barbie toy that was popular that year.  We went to yard sales together to find old Barbie clothes so her dolls’ wardrobes would be unique.  Together, we would spend hours playing with them.

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As she got older and entered middle school, Barbie presents were replaced with clothing from the most expensive tween stores and those boots with the price that made me go “Ugh”. 

The early high school years were not much different than the middle school in regard to the gifts she wanted. But at some point in her junior year, my daughter discovered the joys of thrift store shopping.  She no longer desired expensive clothing and shoes to be in style, and for that, I was grateful.

Her tastes changed as she got older and what she wanted was more mature and in some cases, even practical.

I know what kind of gifts an 18 year old girl wants because I have been the mother of one.  Here are some of the things my daughter has requested and received.

How to Determine What to Give

Is she a high school senior or a college freshman?

There are two kinds of 18 year old girls-those who are in their senior year of high school and are getting ready for the next big chapter of their lives-going to college.

The other kind is the girl who is already in college.  The kinds of gifts you give them may differ greatly.

I have friends who gave their high school seniors comforter sets, electronics and other items they needed for their dorms as holiday or birthday gifts.  Other gave their daughter sweatshirts, mugs and other items from the college where they were accepted.

If your daughter is already in college like mine is, there are other things that you will buy her.  For example, my daughter wanted a trampoline chair for her dorm room, so that is a gift my husband and I bought her.  She did not know she wanted one until she saw them in other people’s dorm rooms and sat in it.  

Trampoline Chair

Trampoline Chair for Teenage GirlsCredit:

This is the chair my daughter has in her dorm room.  When people visit, you may not want them sitting on your bed.  Desk chairs are typically uncomfortable wooden or plastic structures and are not inviting for visiting guests.  A trampoline chair is what my daughter's friends sit on!

Teenagers Love Gift Cards

Next to cash, teenagers love gift cards more than any other gift.  Personally, I like to give gift cards to teens  because I know the item will go to some THING and not be wasted on something frivolous.  Cash seems to burn a hole in many people's pockets, not just teens.  With a gift card, something of lasting value can be bought and you can be remembered every time the person uses it.

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Amazon has a student shipping with a free six month trial that college students can join. Eighteen year olds can find something they like and have it shipped free and you will know that your gift card was used for something she needs.

Funky Laptop Cases

When my daughter was a high school freshman, we bought her a large laptop so she could do her homework in her bedroom in peace.  The kitchen desktop was no longer going to work, especially with two much younger siblings arguing, playing and just living in the same space!  Her laptop was not allowed to leave the house, so we had no need for a laptop case.

As a high school graduation gift from my mom and my brother, she received a Mac, something she had been pining for since she was thirteen.  With a smaller computer that had to be taken to classes on campus, she needed a laptop case that would not only protect her coveted computer, but also looked stylish.

Fortunately, there are plenty of funky styled laptop cases that any 18 year old would love to receive as a gift!

So Many Choices!

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This laptop cover comes with 32 different color and pattern choices.

Complexion Care

Teenage skin needs a lot of TLC

The last year of high school and the first year of college are very stressful times for teenage girls.  They are busy studying to take the SAT, doing the last push to increase their grade point average, and participating in different activities in order to have their academic resume look it’s best for the colleges where they are applying.

If your 18 year old is already in college, the adjustment period can be rocky, even for the most put together young woman.  Leaving all that is familiar-friends, family, and maybe a boyfriend to go away to a university where she might not know anyone is both exciting and stressful.

Stress comes out in a variety of ways, especially on a teenage girl’s skin. 

Across the Board 5 Stars

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If you have a close relationship with a young woman with skin problems, then this gift to help clear her acne may be just the one you want to give. Add some oil-free makeup to the gift so she can have a fresh start to her day with a new palette of colors.

Yoga Pant for Teens

For busy teens, the combination of comfort and style are a must.  Unlike my teenage years, when the tighter your pants were the better, today's young adults prefer comfort.  My daughter lives in her yoga pants, as they are much more attractive than sweatpants, are more figure flattering than leggings, and they have the give she needs for all the late nights when she is curled up in bed with her laptop.

Different Color Options

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Black yoga pants are a staple in my daughter and her friends' wardrobes. They are a must have to get through the day!

Gifts for 18 year old girls come in all price points. Find one that fits yours and don't forget to add the bow to the package!