As your little girl starts thinking about what she wants to dress up as this year to go out trick or treating, it is a good idea to have this list of top girls Halloween costumes and where you can buy them to help you through the decision making process.


There are so many great options out there of characters for little girls to dress up as these days that it can definitely get overwhelming. If your little one needs some direction on which ones to look at, these are going to be some of the top ones out there.


Brave Costumes


Disney hit another homerun with their animated movie Brave. The lead character of Merida is one that little girls love. She is adventurous and brave and wants to change her destiny. She also has a great look for a girls Halloween costume. The green dress paired with her red hair is a vision and will look great going door to door this year.


You can even mimic the cut on her face from the bow and arrow quite easily to really put this outfit ahead of the rest. Go to your local discount beauty aisle and looking for one of the less expensive lines of makeup. You are looking for a bright red lip liner. With this, you can trace a small line on your daughter’s face to look just like the cut.


My Little Ponies Costumes


The My Little Ponies characters have been making a big comeback. With their show on cable, a whole new group of little girls is falling in love with these playful ponies. It is no wonder that this is going to be a hot Halloween outfit this year.


There are two main characters from the show that are going to be easy to find an outfit of. The first is Rainbow Dash. This playful Pegasus is brightly colored and daring. This is a great fit for making an outfit out of. The body of this pony and wings are a nice blue color while the mane and tail are a rainbow of colors.


The other character that you will be able to find is Pinkie Pie. This pony is always up for a party and is fun to be around. Her body and hair are all pink. This makes her a hit with all girls that love everything having to do with the color pink. Her beauty mark is party balloons. It is just another fantastic reason to dress as this character.


Hermione Costumes


The world of Harry Potter is a great place to look for popular Halloween costumes. The movies and books have become instant classics. The characters are lovable and there is more than one to choose from to dress in this manner.


The other nice thing about going with Hermione is that the clothing is fairly simple. The robes and Gryffindor apparel and magic wand are all that you truly need to make this look work. It is also a great outfit when going door to door on those chilly nights.




Smurfette is a vision in blue and white. With her awesome blue skin and simple white dress, she is sure to be a hit for this fall holiday. You can get the white hat and dress and pair them with a pair of white dress shoes for the clothes.


The rest of the look will take some face makeup. You are going to want to at least paint the face blue for the outfit. The arms and legs can be done with a turtle neck and leggings. You can easily get blue face paint and create this look.




This little mermaid will steal the hearts of anyone who sees your little girl dressed as her. What is more magical then thinking about an underwater kingdom where fish and mermaids live. Many girls dream of being able to be a part of this world.


The outfit is quite simple. It is usually a one piece dress that the bottom part looks like a tail. One thing that you want to make sure is that it will fit properly. This will make it much easier to walk in when going door to door this Halloween.


You can also take this look up a notch with a little makeup. You can use face paints or your own makeup products to do this. The first thing that you are going to want to do is to lightly dust white or silver powder across the top of the cheek bones. This gives a natural glow. Another thing that you could do is to paint seaweed and star fish up you little girl’s neck to make the look stand out even more.


Snow White Costumes


With all of the great adult themed Snow White movies that are now coming to DVD, this is becoming even more popular with the smaller crowd. This Halloween costume is a classic and a great look. The dress and dark hair are symbolic and everyone will know who your daughter is trying to be.


Make sure that you get makeup right for this look as well. You want to go with a bright red lip. There are some great long lasting lipstick that will stay in place for the entire evening.




Whether your daughter is a fan of Jake and the Neverland Pirates or Pirates of the Caribbean this Halloween costume idea is going to be great for her. The cool thing is that this look can very much be customized and you can use old thrift store finds in addition to the basic outfit.


The makeup look is quite simple. You can either go with no makeup lie a more kiddie friendly pirate. The other look would be much more Johnny Depp with the dark black liner or shadow around the eyes.


Accessories are going to help this outfit greatly. A collection of old big rings and bracelets will make the look standout and become a one of a kind creation.


There are many girls Halloween costumes out there for you to choose from this year. Make sure that you are getting her something that she will love this best of list.



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