Halloween movies

When it comes to Halloween movies, there are all kinds of them out there that you should take a look at. Be sure that you are looking through these options and looking at the movies, if you are a fan of Halloween movies, you want to check these out for sure. With all the different choices out there you want to know what Halloween movies to check out or even smile as you remember some of the best ones that are out there so that you can have some killer Halloween movie nights.

1. Scream Movies

The Scream movies are classics when it comes to Halloween movies. There are numerous ones of these coming out and they still may be coming. This is a great Halloween plot and people love watching these movies each year that they come out. For awhile, the Scream Halloween movies were some of the hottest ones that were out there and were movies that people were lining up to see when they were coming out. There were Halloween costumes related to them and many other things that people bought. These were definitely some of the best Halloween films that have ever been put out.

2. Rocky Horror Picture Show

While the Rocky Horror Picture Show may not be a scary film, it is definitely a strange film and a great option for Halloween movies. Rocky Horror Picture Show has been done time and time again and remade; it is even done in the theaters today with a live audience. This is a great movie about the ultimate Halloween experience and is actually a spoof that is quite funny. Check this film out, which is all about audience participation, while you can watch it on film, finding a live version is definitely the key to this.

3. The Shining

The Shining is one of the best Halloween movies out there. It is definitely scary and it is definitely freaky, Halloween movies like this will have you on your feet. This was actually a book that was written by Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick turned it into arguably one of the scariest movies of all time. The adaptation from the book to the movie is excellent and is definitely a great one to see. If you haven’t seen it you need to watch it, but beware, this is not a great movie for the little ones to watch.

4. Silence of the Lambs

The Hannibal Lector movies are great and Silence of the Lambs is a killer version. You want to be sure that you are checking out this movie that is a psychological thriller. This is definitely a movie that is not for people that are weak-hearted as the lead villain is a cannibal that wants to eat everyone in sight. However, this movie will have you on your toes and is a great movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, so good that they actually put out a few other movies in this series.

5. Halloween

The Halloween movies are a classic for the holiday. The great thing with these Halloween movies is that they are classics and they are going to keep coming out year after year. There are so many movies in this series and you will love them. The basis of the story is that a Halloween night goes wrong when a child murder is able to get out of the mental hospital and comes back to kill the babysitter, everyone starts to disappear and the story thickens.

6. Poltergeist

In general, even without a movie, a Poltergeist is a freaky movie. In this movie, a family that is located in a very suburban area is haunted by ghosts that end up tricking them and actually kidnapping their baby daughter. Throughout the movie, they are terrorized by these ghosts that are definitely not like Casper and not there to make them feel safe and happy. The Poltergeist movies are actually a series and there have been more and more of them that have come out over time, so look for those too when you are searching for these movies.

7. A Nightmare on Elm Street

These aren’t just Halloween movies; this is actually a legend when it comes to them. There are all kinds of different Halloween movies, but this series is a classic. To date, there have been at least six sequels that have been made from Freddy Krueger. These movies are classics and people dress up every Halloween like him. Teenagers actually start dreaming about this man who comes to life and starts to try and kill them. No one in your party will be sleeping after you watch these films, and that is a fact.

8. Night of the Living Dead

One of the older Halloween movies is the Night of the Living Dead. These Halloween movies are a little cheesier because they were made so long ago and they just don’t have the top quality effects that a lot of the newer ones have today. However, you can’t go through Halloween without watching the Night of the Living Dead movie and understanding what a classic that it can be. Check this out and be sure that you are looking at this movie, which is in black and white and is about a family hiding in a farmhouse so that they can save their lives from the dead that are trying to kill them from the afterlife.

Halloween movies are a classic and something that are really fun to do when you are looking for Halloween activities. Whether you are looking to see if there is one that you can watch for the night or you are heading out to see something live, you’ll love watching these. With all the great choices, use this list to make sure that you have seen the big ones and check out the ones that you haven’t. Halloween movies are definitely a huge part of Halloween that you need to partake in.