Halloween Party Themes

Are you planning on throwing a Halloween party? If so, then you probably have Halloween party themes on the brain. And, why not? There are so many different Halloween party themes to choose from and so many different ways that you can implement the different themes. So, here is a short list to help you decide which party theme that you might decide!

The Thriller

If you plan on doing a Michael Jackson theme,  you can't go wrong with the Thriller. But what would you need for these types of Halloween party theme? Well, it's quite easy! Here are a few tips for these types of Halloween party themes!

First of all, you'll want to ask everyone to dress as some type of zombie. It doesn't have to be mandatory exactly—and you definitely don't want to seem pushy, since most people will take that wrong and you won't have many guests...but, for these types of Halloween party themes, it's perfectly okay to ask everyone to please choose the same theme that you have in mind. They can even put their own spin on it—all it takes is a little artistically drawn blood and guts to make Halloween party themes such as this one come to life! Next, try to play mainly MJ, just to set the mood. Don't repeat too many, however. Luckily, there are more than enough songs that you can choose from. In the end, see if you can get a rousing chorus/dance of The Thriller!

Nightmare Before Christmas or Anything Else Burton

Don't hesitate to explore the Halloween party themes that you can come up with via Tim Burton's masterpieces. This includes quite a few different movies, including Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Coraline. These are fun movies and there are loads of fun ways that you can play with these Halloween party themes as well. Think of which movie that you like the best.

From there, have your Halloween party themes include similar decorations. Luckily, the costumes allow you to mix and match. You can even go as far as to just have a whole Tim Burton themed party, so you can play a little bit with all of the genres that he has mastered! You can have LOADS of fun—and you can even pop in your favorite movies and chill out with a little bit of delicious popcorn and candy for everyone to share! One of many great Halloween party themes!


Mythology is one of those fun Halloween party themes that you can totally pull off. There are MANY different mythological creatures that you can choose from and many Halloween party themes that you can choose from as well! Pick your favorite story or even just stick to creatures and Gods/Goddesses. You might want to have a sign-up sheet so everyone can figure out who they want to portray beforehand. That's pretty awesome when you think about it!

As far as the decorations for these types of Halloween party themes go, you can choose a few different themes. First, you can examine the whole Roman party style, with columns (makeshift, of course) and a whole sweeping gold fabric, etc...pretty much, whatever you want. Grapes are a good snack for these types of Halloween party themes as well as cheese and grape juice. (Wine is an option if it's an all adult party.) This can be a lot of fun, if you play it right.


Everyone loves Pokemon and this can be one of the best Halloween party themes yet, if you play your cards right! There are a few things that you'll need—mainly costumes. You'll also need a few buddies willing to be their favorite Pokemon! This is just one of many fun Halloween party themes and EVERYONE will love it! They can be their favorite character, no matter what that means!

For this type of Halloween party themes, you'll need to have a few Halloween costumes ready. And, if you don't have the costumes ready, then you can simply pick to have everyone create their own using colored shirts and pants and ears of whatever type they need and face paint. Pokemon costumes are actually easier than you think and turning into Ash or Misty isn't all that difficult either! Keep this in mind while you're picking out your costumes. You have so much potential—and you don't have to feel restricted in any way, shape, or form. It's one of those really versatile Halloween party themes.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

And, last of all, the queen of Halloween party themes, is the queen of all themes! You get to dress up as a character, or you can just dress in drag. This can be a fun bonding moment between live drag queens and their female friends—or a time to be extremely silly. It's up to you! Keep in mind that you rarely get to dress up in drag when it comes to Halloween party themes, so this can be a lot of fun and it can be extremely enlightening as well. And you don't have to be a guy to dress up in drag—there are lots of options for girls that want to dress in drag, including being a bioqueen for a night or perhaps dressing as a drag king (it's a lot simpler than it's made out to be.).

Be prepare to spend at least an hour or two on makeup for this particular type of Halloween party themes/costumes for this theme. For the most part, this is a simple Halloween party theme—and one that almost everyone will enjoy! You will need to keep in mind what foods are common at a Rocky Horror Picture show viewing and adjust accordingly. You can even go as far as to show the movie and have all of the props ready! (Preferably in the garage with a nice, large tarp laid down to protect your floor). Keep this in mind as you're picking out the Halloween party themes that you think are the best. Keep in mind these are just suggestions—if you find something that you'd love to do, don't hesitate!