If you've decided to dress up for Halloween this year, the next - and hardest question is "what should I be for Halloween?" First you need to decide if you want to wear what's hot this year or if you want to be unique and different from anyone else in the room.

If you're into wearing this year's trends then you'll definitely want to dress up as Snooki or The Situation from the hit "reality" show; "Jersey Shore." Or maybe you could try and pull off one of the many Lady Gaga costumes that are all the rage for 2010 - Lady Gaga has certainly given us plenty of options to choose from! Another popular theme this year comes from Tim Burton's, "Alice In Wonderland." Tim Burton's eclectic movie-making style has provided the masses with some truly great costumes. They are bright and bold and certainly different than anything we've seen in year's past.

Some other popular costume themes this season come from the top box office hits like Avatar, Iron Man 2 and Toy Story 4. You certainly wouldn't be out of style in any of these themes. Then there's the perennial classics of the witch, vampire, pirate and nurse. These themes will never go out of style and you could wear them again and again. If the price of these costumes is a problem for you, you could put your thinking cap on and come up with something truly unique and original. For example, you could staple a bunch of Smarties or Dum-Dums to your butt and go as a "Smarty Pants" or "Dumb Ass!" Or you could wear a huge clear garbage bag and fill it with little multi-colored baloons and be a gumball machine or bag of jelly beans!

For the kids the popular choices seem to be Buzz Lightyear, Scooby-Doo or Harry Potter. Any super hero is always popular as are pirates and witches. The little tiny ones are always fashionable as a cute and cuddly animal like a lamb or a monkey or something truly classic like a pumpkin.

Whatever your choice of costume for this Halloween season, have fun with it and go all out. What other time of year can you act like a total freak and be admired for it?? HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!