The following tech items are extremely easy to use, and will excite the people you buy gifts for this year.

The very best hardware makes for great gifts to give out. If you're Christmas shopping for that hard to please person on your list, consider some of the top tech items in order to make your loved ones as happy as possible this holiday season. Remember, the best hardware devices need to have the best software, too. For example, things like Windows remote desktop will be sure to please, as they make life simpler and help people to stay connected.

The iPhone is one of the hottest items out there this year, with features like GPS and its compact size. With your iPhone, you can stay connected to friends and family members through the different apps that make this phone truly standout. There are cell phones out there that compete with the iPhone in regards to functions, apps, and connectivity, but the iPhone blends all of these features together, and is truly one of the most complete devices out there. The only drawback to the iPhone is that it’s very expensive. Rather than just paying for it out of pocket, consider getting it through a service provider, where they will help subsidize some of the cost of this phone when you agree to a service contract.

Another must have device is the Amazon Kindle Fire HD. This is primarily designed as an e-reader, but in actuality, it does a lot more. You can watch high quality television shows and movies on it, you can connect to the web, listen to music through Pandora and other apps, and even play the latest games like Angry Birds on it. If you're shopping for someone that is notoriously difficult to please, this hardware device will be certain to make them happy, since it's so versatile and fulfills so many different functions.

You'll also want to start looking at laptop computers, too. The advent of smart phones and tablet computers is bound to make computer producers lower their prices, in order to help boost business and restore profits that tablets are beginning to take away. A good laptop can't be completely replaced by a tablet, and you can definitely have an easier life with a top quality laptop. For example, writing out emails on a tablet’s touch screen is a laborious process, but when you have a full laptop keyboard, you can write emails to clients at top speed. Also, remote access to your work computer is a lot easier with a laptop, especially with a Windows operating system. Many versions of Windows have remote access software built into them, and this will undoubtedly make doing work a whole lot easier. Remote access allows you to access all of your files on another computer from a remote location. As long as you have the right software (in this case Windows) and an internet connection, you can log on and get anything that you might need off of your work computer.

The top apps and other pieces of software are useless without good hardware. These three items will undoubtedly please those people you buy gifts for this Christmas season.