On my search to becoming healthy, I realized that you can eat healthy while eating fast food. Not only are healthy alternatives in style right now, they're in demand. The key to eating healthy at fast food restaurants is calorie control and smaller portion choices. The other biggest factor in eating healthy at fast food restaurants is eliminating surgery drinks. Whether you love Burger King, McDonald's, or Taco Bell, read on to find out how you can eat right at all of your favorite places and lose weight.

Healthy Restaurant Options Begin At Homehealthy fast food(80973)Credit: luigi diamanti

Before getting into the car and going to a fast food restaurant, use the Internet to research your options. If you know ahead of time what is a healthy option and how many calories you are planning on eating, you are less likely to change your mind on a whim and fall prey to a greasy cheeseburger or extra large fry. The majority of fast food chains will have their nutrition information posted on their website and those that don't can be found at resources such as CalorieKing.com or Sparkpeople.com. When choosing what to eat at home, keep in mind portion size and nutrients your body needs. A rule of thumb is to make sure your meal has different colors in it. If the meal is all one color you may be eating too much of one things such as an unhealthy carbohydrate or too much protein. If you follow these simple rules you will be eating healthy restaurant options.

Unexpected Trips To Fast Food Restaurants

What happens when you can't look ahead of time to see what to eat at a fast food restaurant? You must improvise and make an educated decision and choose a healthy restaurant option. The fist rule of thumb is to look for nutritional information posted. Some restaurants like Taco Bell have pamphlets with all nutrient information that you can request. If the place you are eating at doesn't provide nutritional information you must make wise decisions on what you know will be good for your health. Food items that are fried and battered are worse for you than those that are baked or grilled. Salad is also a great option but make sure to check the calories on the dressing or ask for a fat free one and use half. Usually the less processed the better the item is for you. Try to go for the freshest items on the menu and by all means leave out sugary drinks and desserts. Mayonnaise is always an instant calorie addition that can be avoided as well as excessive cheese and "double" anything. In any case it is best to order less than you expect to eat and go back for more if you absolutely have to. Another suggestion is to order first so you won't be tempted by other's orders. Even if you end up there unexpectedly, you can choose restaurant healthy options.

salad(80972)Credit: Grant CochraneHealthy Restaurant Options: My Top Choices

My top choices have helped me lose almost fifteen pounds while eating fast food. Although I love fries I have cut them out of my diet and have used simple techniques to eat healthy at numerous fast food places. Below I have included my personal favorite items and I encourage you to have a "go-to" mental menu when eating out like I do! Before you know it you'll be picking healthy restaurant options without the help of an article or calorie counter! 

Taco Bell

Healthy Restaurant Options:

Hard Shell Tacos (I substitute the meat for bean)

Most things off the Fresco Menu

Mexican Rice


Healthy Restaurant Options:

Baked Potato


Grilled Chicken Sandwich


Healthy Restaurant Options:


Snack Wraps Grilled

Grilled Chicken (without the bun)

Soups from Campbell's

Apple Dippers

Fruit Parfait