Our skin is composed of an important gland called Sebaceous. The job of sebaceous gland is to moisten the skin by releasing oil on skin pores. Acne develops and appears when the sebaceous have sore resulting to a small round reddish swelling usually on the facial skin, neck and back. These skin problem is emotionally embarrassing especially to teenagers. Some folks and researchers found that acne can be relieved by home remedies such as tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, natural honey mask, aloe vera, garlic, baking soda, and witch hazel.   

The Top Home Remedies for Acne (In no particular order):

Baking soda

Baking soda can be used as facial cleanser or toner by adding water until it becomes a solution. Gently rub onto the skin in a circular motion, leave until it dries and then rinse with water. This will cleanse skin pores and eliminates dead skin thus reduce the formation of acne. Baking soda mask will also help relieve acne by soothing the swollen part, do it once a week.

Tea Tree Oil

The oil found on this tree has an extreme potent action that kills the growth of  bacteria that is useful in getting rid of acne.  It deeply cleanse and absorb the extra oil on the skin making it clean and fresh. 

Natural Honey Masks

 Natural Honey Masks are highly helpful in relieving and clearing of acne scars. A carefull facial cleansing should be done before the application of  honey mask, apply it for about thirty minutes, observe careful application to prevent eye discomfort, and rinse with cool water. Do these regularly until the scars disappear.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is among the top home remedies for acne with an outstanding detoxifying action. Breakdown of fat deposits are done by its functional group alpha-hydroxy acids on the skin therefore relieving and fining acne. Allergic reactions may be present to some (use other home remedies). 


Garlic is loaded with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits that are necessary in relieving acne and clearing acne scars. This acne home remedy is mostly favored because it eliminates lots of bacteria that is causing acne. Other people have recommended that garlic ingestion might help clean and detoxify your internals thus relieve some symptoms of acne. 

Witch hazels

Witch hazel has antiseptic properties and is rich in tannin acid which helps prevent formation and inflammation of acne. Witch hazel is being used nowadays as acne astringent by cleansing the skin and minimizing skin pores which is extremely effective remedy for acne. It is applied topically three times a day  to the affected skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera  is among the top home remedies for acne that is beneficial to both internal and external skin care because of the polysaccharides that are necessary for skin restoration. It also inhibits or slows the skin soreness and refines the scar left by multiple acne. Like the honey mask application, a careful cleansing should be done before the application to open or prepare the skin pores for the absorption of aloe vera extract on the skin thus quicker skin restoration.