What will be the hot sellers for 2011? Every toy manufacturer, parent, and child is wondering what toys will be the biggest news, the most viral fad for the year. Well, it is impossible to tell; if we could we would have knowledge worth more than a winning lotto ticket.

If I knew what the big seller would be, instead of writing this article I’d be out buying up all the inventory so that I could sell it at a 500% markup during Black Friday weekend.

But I digress. There are numerous predications from experts around the world who have fearlessly put their reputations on the line. I will go over a few of these and leave the ultimate judgement to you.

Ferrari F1 Toy

Ferrari F1 Toy. This is a truly decadent toy for any young Andrettis out there. It was designed in conjunction with actual Ferrari employees.

It is built for kids around the age of six, which might seem scary at first but the makers are a reputable toy company, and they have taken safety to be their number one concern.

It doesn’t go 200 mph like a true Ferrari does, so there is probably little danger of an accident. There is lavish attention to detail, both with regards to the body work and the feel of the ride. If you have a child who is in to vehicles they will undoubtedly enjoy this sleek ride.

Micro Scalextric

Micro Scalextric. Staying with the car theme, this is a set of products that offer young car lovers hours of fun and entertainment.

These cars aren’t meant for riding, but rather, they run on a track just like the old train sets that many parents will be familiar with.

This is another highly reputable company, and they have plenty of products to keep your kids busy. From varying tracks to different sets of automobiles, Scalextric presents a wide range of toy cars that will get any car-lovers heart revved up.

Ben 10 Omnitrix

Ben 10 Omnitrix. This is a familiar sight to modern shoppers. A concept is spun out across various platforms: cartoons, comic books, toys, and movies. Ben 10 has been all the rage recently. the cartoon is popular and so are the toys.

There are a number of toys based off of elements from the shows, and you really can’t go wrong with any of them. The narrative of the show steadily produces new items that are vaulting to the top of the list of most popular Christmas toys for 2011.

In this case it’s a “watch” that emits certain alien sounds accompanied by an alien light show. If you know a child who is a fan of Ben 10 they are highly likely to immediately fall in love with this toy.

The most popular Christmas toys of 2011 will probably be a grab bag of items dominated by a few top-selling products. While it is impossible to predict what will be hot this year without a crystal ball, you can be certain that these items will at least be in high demand.