Providing good quality content to an engaged readership is what InfoBarrel is all about. Signing up to write articles for InfoBarrel is easy. All it requires is that you have an Adsense account and you provide quality content in your articles. While many writers are using InfoBarrel as a means of earning an income, the few in particular stand out and should be closely followed during 2012. Each of these authors offers top quality content on a wide range of topics.


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This outstanding writer engages readers from start to finish with quality articles on various topics. Vicdillinger's articles have received over 50,000 site views in just over a year, which places them among the very best writers on the site. His specialties in the writing world involve writing about unusual and often little-remembered topics like the origin of various fairy tales. One of his most popular articles is entitled “How the Lowly Potato Changed the World”. He is considered a high level contributor to the site, having contributed over 800 posts to the InfoBarrel forum and receiving over 500 comments to articles that they have contributed.


With a contribution of over 200 articles to InfoBarrel, JadeDragon is definitely a writer worth observing and following. JadeDragon's articles are straightforward, to the point and very informative. They are also widely read and have received numerous comments from engaged readers. One of his main topics of discussion is that of earning a passive or residual income by writing quality articles for various online sources. His content on earning a passive online income is honest and doesn’t contain any of the usual hype about “easy money making ideas” that one finds all over the internet today. With over 20,000 views received on his articles, JadeDragon is definitely a writer worth following.


With over 200 articles and close to 3000 forum posts, dreamaker is one of the most established writers at InfoBarrel. His articles cover an extensive range of topics ranging from coin collecting and SEO to writing online and learning how to maintain water heating systems. These articles offer high quality content and are extremely reader-friendly. This author definitely has an extensive knowledge on the topics that they write about. Dreamaker’s extensive friend list shows that they are definitely among the most well-liked authors on InfoBarrel. By taking the time to read their articles, you will definitely learn something new from every one of them.


This stay at home mom is also an accomplished author three times over. She shares the many ways that her and her husband earn a living online through writing articles for InfoBarrel, by doing online surveys and by being an affiliate for Amazon. She offers top quality content in her articles and covers a wide range of topics that most readers will find interesting as well as engaging. One of her best accomplishments was being featured in the InfoBarrel success stories during 2010. With over 600 articles on InfoBarrel, this author covers product reviews, a few parenting tips and a variety of other topics. She has a way of making readers know that their visits to her articles are appreciated.


Unlike any other author at InfoBarrel, jcmayer777 was the first author to ever be reviewed in the InfoBarrel Success stories as well as in the follow up success stories. Writing on various topics ranging from preparedness to general information articles, this author has the ability to engage readers from start to finish with their high quality content. Their content is always informative and offers a lot of practical advice. At this point, many know that Jason and I have written and released an eBook course which provides step-by-step details on how to be a successful writer at InfoBarrel. This author is definitely one of the writers that are worth following on InfoBarrel.


Originally a fiction and short story writer, JudyE has how branched out to article writing and enjoys her time spent at InfoBarrel. She covers a wide variety of topics, especially those related to various forms of birds and wildlife of Australia. Her 400 plus forum posts indicate that she is a dedicated contributor to the site. With over 500 articles contributed in just over a year that have amassed a phenomenal 50,000 views, she is definitely committed to providing quality content that keeps a continuous stream of readers coming back for more.


A member of InfoBarrel for just over 2 years, Eileen is a dedicated writer who provides insights into a wide range of popular topics like frugality, family relationships, arts and crafts and travelling. Her articles get readers hooked from the very first paragraph because of the fact that they offer a high standard of writing. She has contributed close to 250 informative articles which in turn have received over 100,000 page views from various sources. Eileen is definitely a writer worth following and observing.

Jay Dioxy Riboz

With close to 2,700 achievement points from over 500 articles and 150 forum posts, Jay Dioxy Riboz is one of the more established writers at InfoBarrel. Their articles cover a wide range of topics which include general information articles, tourist information, natural remedies and a wide range of informative how-to articles. They have been a part of InfoBarrel for just over 2 years and are one of the more accomplished writers. Taking the time to follow their work will definitely ensure that you are not short of quality reading material online.

Although most writers at InfoBarrel make more than their fair contribution to the site by providing good quality content, these few writers definitely stand head and shoulders above the rest. Many of them have been members of the site for just over a year, which goes to show that by putting in your best effort and showcasing your work to other readers, you will be richly rewarded not only with an income, but also a close-knit sense of community.

Think that YOU have what it takes to be added to this list of elite InfoBarrel writers?

If so, be sure to join InfoBarrel today! Once you have submitted 10 articles, send me an email or comment on this article, and, if your articles are quality, I'll add you to this list!