Canadian Inventions featured on postage stamps

Canada Post believes in celebrating its country’s achievements and they have issued 4 postage stamps to show the innovative scientific advancements brought about by Canadian imagination. The stamps are part of a set of four but they can be used individually and they are each valued at 59 cents. Many philatelists will purchase all four stamps together to keep as a set. Canadian stamps are highly sought after in the philately world

BlackBerry postage stamp

Canada Post stamp BlackBerry of the Canadian Postal service innovation seriesThe first stamp of 4 from Canada Post is this one celebrating the BlackBerry. Mike Lazaridis (born in 1961) and Jim Balsillie (also born in 1961) introduced us to the BlackBerry as far back as 1999. They were the founders of a company called Research in Motion (RIM) and their invention of the BlackBerry wireless handheld device changed the way we transact our business through communication.

The BlackBerry device was the first smart phone.

Pacemaker postage stamp

Canada Post stamp Pacemaker of the Canadian Postal service innovation seriesThis second innovative stamp from Canada Post celebrates the invention of the world’s first heart pacemaker. Doctor John Hopps (born in 1919) developed the pacemaker in 1950 when he was experimenting with how the body’s temperature could be controlled electrically or by mechanical means.

The first device was too large to be used inside a person but it did work effectively. Only 8 years elapsed before an internal pacemaker was implanted in a human being.

Canada Post innovation

Canada Post are innovative when it comes to issuing new stamps as is evidenced by the Canada Art series and a recent issues featuring astrology signs on postage stamps sets. Just like the USPS and their forever stamp, Canada Post has its own stamp that can be used anytime in the future, The Canada version is called Permanent and each stamp issued has the letter P printed on it instead of the monetary denomination.

Famous women on postage stamps featuring the two McGarrigles Kate and Anna courtesy of Canada Post

Permanent Canadian stamp

An example is the McGarrigle postage stamp opposite which shows the ‘P’ in the bottom right hand corner. The well known McGarrigle sisters have joined the illusive band of famous women featured on stamps. There is no stamp price pictured either, so recognizing a Permanent Canadian stamp is easy.

The permanent stamps will always be accepted (at any time in the future) as representing the current domestic postage price. This ‘P’ stamp allows a letter (up to 30 grams) to be posted anywhere in Canada.

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Electric wheelchair postage stamp

Canada Post stamp Electric Wheelchair of the Canadian Postal service innovation seriesThe third Canada Post stamp of the set of 4 features the invention of the electric wheelchair. Doctor George J. Klein (born in 1904) created the chair to offer better mobility to quadriplegics and the electric wheelchair is his finest invention.

He also invented other medical and microsurgical devices and was part of a team who worked on an early nuclear reactor for Canada.

Electric oven postage stamp

Canada Post stamp Electric Oven of the Canadian Postal service innovation seriesThe final Canadian Postage stamp of this set features the electric oven. Thomas Ahearn (born in 1855) invented the electric oven more than 100 years ago in 1892. It was somewhat unsophisticated by today’s standards but it was amazing for so long ago.

The oven was very big at nearly 6 foot square and was constructed of brick, just like a storage heater. Thomas also had patents for Electric Heaters, Water Heaters and the Electric Iron.

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