Italy is home to one of the most beautiful Countries around. Italy has a lot to offer travelers and visitors regardless of which regions of Italy they visit. Here are some places that you should visit when you go to Italy.



Florence is that largest City in the Tuscan region. The Tuscan style of food is well-known around the World so when you are in Florence you can definitely find some of the best and most authentic tasting Italian food in the entire World.

When you are in Florence you must visit the Historic Centre of Florence which is a UNESCO Work Heritage site because of the history of the area. To see what Florence use to look like and Italian cities as a whole then you need to visit the Historic Centre of Florence.

Vernazza, Italy

Vernazza, ItalyCredit:

This is one of the most beautiful things about Italy, the boats, homes, and buildings all encircled in a Marina.



The Colosseum in Rome is the most fantastic of all the ancient roman architectural structures. This is a very old structure. Construction on the Colosseum began in 72 AD and amazingly a lot of the Colosseum is still standing. Many pieces of the Colosseum have been ripped away by people looking for souvenirs and earthquakes over the years have wreaked havoc on the Colosseum, yet somehow it is still standing after almost 2,000 years. No visit to the Rome area can be complete without visiting the Colosseum.

Towers of San Gimignano

The Towers of San Gimignano is one of the best examples of medieval architecture. This unique walled city can be seen from miles away, The Towers of San Gimignano is a must see if you happen to be in the area. The Towers of San Gimignano are truly amazing as is the town of San Gimignano.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa(111208)Credit:

It looks like it is falling over! The Leaning Tower of Pisa is recognized all over the World. In fact the Leaning Tower of Pisa may be the most recognizable pieces of architecture ever. The tilt of the tower began when it was first under construction in 1173. It was actually not until 1178 when the builders moved on to start building the second floor that the tower began to tilt. Oops…but no worries because it is now 2012 and the tower is still standing. In the 1990’s the Leaning Tower of Pisa underwent restorative work to ensure the tower was stable and would not topple over if someone farted. Lead counterweights are used to help keep the tower from toppling over.


Pompeii was a town that was covered by volcanic ash in 79AD. The town of Pompeii was wiped out, but fortunately we have discovered a lot about the City of Pompeii as some of it was well-preserved from being covered safely under the volcanic ashes that fell. There some amazing documentaries that help to illustrate the illustrious history of Pompeii and how it was destroyed by Mt. Vesuvius. Although the town of Pompeii was destroyed  by Vesuvius, many of the daily artifacts f life were preserved so that it helps us to know and understand how the daily life was back before Pompeii was destroyed and covered by volcanic ash and soot.

Piazza Del Campo

The Piazza del Campo is an open air market that was first established in the 1300’s and still exists to this day. The usage of the area has changed over the years but it is truly majestic to walk around this area when you know how old this place is.

Venice Canals

There is nothing more romantic then having someone take you and your loved one out on the canals for a romantic ride.

Italy Travel Tips

Italy is split into several regions and it would be practically impossible to be able to visit all of the regions on a single vacation trip. It is better to spend your entire vacation exploring in-depth in a single region as opposed to rushing through each region and only catching some glimpses of the sites. Italy is a Country to be relished and enjoyed, not to be rushed.

Many cyclists come to Italy simply to ride the famous Country side. You do not have to ride like the professional cyclists with their cycling uniforms and fast bikes. You can rent a city style bike and leisurely cruise around any of the towns you may be in. Touring a small town by a bicycle will allow you and your companion to see things that you normally would miss if you were traveling by car or bus. Regardless of wheter you travel by bus, car, bicycle, or hiking boots you will have a good time in Italy. The people and the food are amazing.

One of the biggest draws to Italy is the food. You not only can eat the food but you can also take cooking classes and learn how some of these amazingly delicious Italian dishes are made. Go out of your way to eat a lot. A vacation to Italy is definitely not the time to go on a low carb diet, or any diet for that matter. Italians love their bread and hearty meals.

Spend as much time at the small local shop and cafes as possible. This is where you can find the true Italy. Mingle with the locals and learn to speak a bit more Italian while you are there. Italy is one of the most intriguingly beautiful Countries on the entire Planet. The large Cities have a lot of majestic sites to offer but the rural Countryside is where the true beauty of Italy shines though. A week in Italy is nice but 2 weeks or more is even more ideal. Italy is one of those Countries where you definitely will be making plans to return too after you visit it for the first time and you will probably be making those plans to return to Italy while you are on the Plane traveling back home.