Given today's fierce job market, employers are placing more and more scrutiny on the types of people they hire and skills required. Many of them are only looking at candidates who possess the most desired skills who can make immediate contributions to their firms

Therefore, it is more important than ever that people push themselves to have all the skills that employers are looking for. While many employers are looking for specific skills that are required for a specific job, there are also skills that are pretty universal to for high performance at any job at any level. Here is some great news. Even if you aren't stellar at all of these abilities, you are probably amazing at a few of them, and those are the ones that you want to highlight to any potential employer.

Here is a quick snapshot of some of the top job skills that prospective employees should possess in order to make potential employers hungry to hire.

Research Skills. This isn't just a skill for people that want to work at research firms. People in all sort of jobs across all different lines of work need to know how to research questions, and investigate issues that may arise.

Logical Thinking. Many employers want people that can work through problems and make conclusions that make sense and are reasonable.

Technology Savvy. This doesn't mean you need to how to a computer server works or how to data systems are constructed, but you should be computer literate. That includes knowing being proficient with email, the internet (which you should be if you are reading this), word processing, spreadsheets, etc...

Communication Ability. This is without a doubt one of the top job skills. People who land good jobs can usually do two things well, speak and write. Employers want employees that can express a their thought clearly and concisely and also put it paper as well.

Organizational Skills. Who wants an employee that is messy and disorganized. Keeping a firm humming along seemlessly is a direct result of organization. Plus, being organized is another sign to your employer you care about where you are and what you are doing.

Interpersonal Ability. This one is linked directly to communication ability, but more than that it is the ability to work well with others and get along with them. Clearly, communication is part of that, but isn't the only part.

Drive. Some people have it and some don't. Great employers want employees that want more, It is that determination in people to want more that pushes organizations forward and makes them grow. Without it, firms can grow stagnant and be forgotten.

These are just a sample of the top job skills great firms look for. Do you have them? If not, what are missing and how can you make yourself better starting right now?