If you are a recent college graduate, or are considering your educational path before college or graduate school, you might want to explore these three growth career areas and areas of specialization for 2012 and beyond. If you can find a job or career path in Cloud Computing, the Health Care field, or with a specialized MBA (masters of business administration) -- you will have many choices and prospects for growth, a solid salary to support yourself and your family, and many other perks and benefits.

The Health Care Industry:

The medical field seems to be boundless in its worldwide growth. Some of this has to do with cutting-edge top-jobs-careers-health-care-MBA-cloud-computing-2012developments in biotechnology and medical research that constantly opens up new pathways for treatment, diagnosis, and preventative medicine. In the United States, the retirement of the generation of baby boomers has also put an increased demand on the health care field at every level from lab technicians and orderlies, to doctors, nurses, surgeons, specialists, and more. Add to this growth the higher standards of care for an ever increasing global population, and you have an unending supply of jobs in a captivating industry. 

Whether you’re interested in emergency medicine, elder care, pediatrics, physical therapy, rehabilitation, or other specialties -- there are so many areas of the health care industry that have undergone serious growth. From home health aides, visiting nurses, to assisted living facilities -- there are many opportunities for employment for the right people. These jobs require a solid combination of technical and people skills, and can be very rewarding for the right applicant.

In every area from the technology and engineering behind the diagnostic hardware and medical device development, to the R&D behind the latest drug and pharmaceutical research -- health care is a huge global industry with a very wide range of occupational profiles. If you like the patient care aspects of medicine, there will always be opportunities for a registered nurse, an anesthesiologist, orthopedic surgeon, pediatric nurse, midwife, pharmacist, home health aide, physical therapist, EMT paramedic, and countless other professions. But there are also many jobs related to the health care field that are not directly involved in patient care but instead are connected areas in finance, health care management, new technology, research, medical records/health IT, billing, real estate development (REITs), and more -- and not about direct patient care. These areas are also rewarding, and have many growth opportunities in the coming years.

Specialized MBA Programs: 

If you like finance, management, marketing, and business studies in general -- you’ve probably already considered an MBA program (masters of business administration). The finest business schools in the nation like Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University’s Harvard Business School, Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s MIT Sloan School of Management, Columbia Business School at Columbia University (NYC), and many others have been training corporate leaders, investment bankers, finance specialists, entrepreneurs, and global commerce officers for years. What’s new and fascinating about these and other fine private and public college and university MBA programs is their new specialized programs and dual degree hybrid offerings. 

For example, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA offers a joint/dual degree program for Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) where graduates receive a MIT Sloan MBA degree, and an MS (master of science) degree from MIT’s School of Engineering. They have another three (3) year program in cooperation with Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government that leads to an MBA from MIT Sloan, and an MPA/MPP degree (Masters in Public Administration - Masters of Public Policy) from Harvard University, also in Cambridge. 

Many schools offer a combined MBA/JD program like the three (3) year program at Columbia Business School and Columbia Law in New York City, the four-year JD/MBA program at Stanford Law School. Stanford Graduate School of Business also offers interesting joint programs in Education leading to an MA/MBA, and in collaboration with the School of Earth Sciences -- an interdisciplinary program leading to an MBA with a Master of Science degree in Environment and Resources.

Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania has a specific MBA program in Health Care Management -- which prepares graduates for the needs of the health care field in both leadership and administration, as described above. University of Pennsylvania also has an interdisciplinary program that leads to an MBA from the Wharton School and an MB (masters in biotechnology degree) from the UPenn School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. If you have earned any one of these joint or dual degree specialized MBA degrees you could be uniquely qualified for a job or career in a growth field in ways that many other applicants are not. You have the special training of your field PLUS the management sensibilities and more of a world-class MBA education.

Cloud Computing / Cloud Information Technology:

As more of the IT spending from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), large corporations, and governments moves to the ‘cloud’, and to cloud computing based services, there is a sudden shortage of experienced and knowledgeable workers. If you have a background in computer engineering, web architecture, or related fields then you will find that many major corporations from IBM, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Salesforce.com, Rackspace, Amazon.com, VMware, RedHat, Dell, Cisco, Oracle, and others are actively recruiting talent for careers in cloud computing. If you are interested in the utility model of computing and issues of big data, SaaS (software as a service), IaaS (infrastructure as a service), PaaS (platform as a service), AaaS (analytics as a service), and virtualization -- then this is a fascinating growth field. Even remote ITaaS (IT as a service) with all its implications of development, architecture, monitoring, security, and more -- represents a major new area for job opportunities. Now there are cloud computing certifications, courses -- even an NYU Poly graduate course, and other training are becoming available in this established but ever-evolving field. Expect rapid growth in this area...


If you have a choice, you should build your career in an area that represents one of the top jobs for 2012 and beyond. If you can add the right training, experience, college coursework, or a graduate degree -- or dual, hybrid, or joint degrees -- in one of these areas you will find that there is no shortage of work for your career field: health care, careers in cloud computing and cloud IT, and specialized MBA jobs. Now it's time to start prepping for the GMAT exam!