Ultra portable laptops are lightweight laptops are very popular. In most cases, these small laptop computers will have a screen size of 12 inches or less. Also, they will weigh in under 3 pounds. Typically, these ultra portable laptops are very expensive and will run you well over $1000. With the exception of netbooks which are only around $300, lightweight laptops aren't for people with a tight budget. These laptops are usually a lot less powerful than full-size notebooks. The extra portability and thin profile require certain sacrifices to be made in the technology inside. But for most consumers, this sacrifice is well worth the exceptional portability.

One of the most popular ultraportable laptops out there right now is the MacBook air. It is only .76 inches high which makes it the thinnest, most portable notebook computer on the market today. Apple certainly outdid themselves with this new laptop. So the most popular features found on the MacBook air are its multi-touch trackpad, the illuminated keyboard, and multi-finger scrolling. However, it does have a few disadvantages which stops it from being the best. First off, the Apple MacBook air is very expensive. Unless you have a lot of money on hand, you will have a hard time affording this laptop. Another annoying thing with this laptop, is it doesn't have more than one USB port. Finally, it has crappy sound and a crappy battery life.

The Dell Adamo's is another strong contender in the portable laptop arena. It is very sleek and will definitely turn some heads with its stylish appearance. But beyond its style, has a solid build and great functionality. It has good performance and will work for most business people. Just like the MacBook, it does have some problems. The main problem, just like the MacBook air, is it is very expensive. However, it is cheaper than the Air.

Finally, the Lenovo x200 is another great choice for ultraportable laptop. While not as thin as the Dell or Apple computers, it's battery life and price tag make up for it. It has a great screen on it and can be a joy to watch movies on while at an airport. There are some faults with this laptop. For example, its battery is fairly big and very heavy (compared to other lightweight laptops). Also, it does not have an optical drive option.

When shopping for a new lightweight or portable laptop you have to get used to the idea that they are not as fast as full-size laptops. Plus, they are much more expensive than full-size laptops. But for their cost and slower performance, they make it up through their ultra-portability. These laptops are very easy to travel with and great for transportation that does not have very much room. So, if you're someone who travels on the bus or on an airplane, you will love having one of these laptops.