It’s an age of tourism, and it doesn’t mean that there was no tourism in the past. A top list of cities, whether of past or present can be presented with full fervor and frenzy. Vasco Da Gama, Ibn Battuta and Columbus are some of the few famous names in the history of tourism. Cities and their marvels have always been attracting the people around the world. Currently, the top list of cities contain some of major, developed, well-mapped, felicitated and facilitated countries. They are Zurich, Sydney, Vancouver, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, San Francisco, Paris, Tokyo, London, Beijing, Barcelona and Milan.

These cities are famous for more than many aspects such as active and responsible administration, high literacy, cleanliness, parks, historical background, health services, transport, all other basic needs, culture, fashion and food.

Melbourne succeeds in gaining the top position in the top list of cities.



Being the second most populous city in Australia, Melbourne is located at the vast natural bay Port Phillip, and the river Yarra makes the centre beautified. This city was founded in 1835 after the name of Viscount Melbourne. 2Melbourne is the hub of cultural activities of Australia, in particular, and of the world in general. Sports and musical spectrums have raised Australia to the summit of excellence. It has been the host of 1956 Olympics games. It has some of the beautiful and large stadiums of the world. Besides, it is a backbone of Australia’s economy.

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It is the largest city in Switzerland and located at the lake Zurich. Having two million of population, it is a heavenly place on earth with simple, eye-arresting and natural beauty. Romans were the founders of this city and in 1519; it became the center of Protestant Reformation movement. You will find a good number of amazing museums, beautiful parks, top universities and interesting community centers and cinemas.


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Almost a legend, Vancouver is an obsession in the hearts of the people. Its beauty has yet not been defeated. Canada’s coastal city, Vancouver is famous for its beaches, buildings at beaches, boats rowing in the blue waters, lush green trees at the shore, and the whole city is full of gardening, and lighted up at night. Its population is over 2.3 million.


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Spain always takes pride in it. Barcelona is culturally, historically and financially a hub of whole of Iberian Peninsula. Generating fourth richest GDP in whole of Europe, Barcelona at the same time harbors immense attractions for the lovers, its regional music melts the rage, and its sweet populace wins the hearts of the tourists. Capital of Catalonia, it’s a city of 4.5 million. You will find that it has preserved the oldest of civilizations till today.

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It’s a city of technology lovers while being a romance for the youth. Properly known as Frankfurt is Main, it’s the largest city of Hesse, a state of Germany. How they re-developed it after World War II shocks you as it is now a hub of economy for Germany, and a masterpiece of architecture and landscape.

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Luxembourg is a big name as far as a city’s cohesive administration is concerned. It is full of facilitations and beauty. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, officially speaking, is a landlocked county having its neighbors like Germany, Belgium and France. Like the phenomenon of Vatican, it’s a state and city as well. It’s nature, all in all, mountains, greenery, in short, beauty at all.

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San Francisco

No one is unfamiliar with America’s one of the biggest and popular city, San Francisco, where you will find awesome skyscrapers, wide and fine-looking roads, and almost all services in seconds. Golden Gate Bridge is the first site that comes to mind when San Francisco is mentioned. 

The abovementioned list will literally fill your personality with full-fledged vigor, love of history, passion for economy and tenderness of romance.


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