For the avid traveler, information and knowledge of the places they want to visit are of paramount importance. For those who seek luxury as well, it’s even more significant, as they would need factual data on the best accommodation, the best means of transport to their destination, and the most well-known places to see and the things to do around there. Busy people with hectic lifestyles also rarely find the time to research this information on the internet. As a result, most of them rely upon some trusted reading material for travel advice. Here’s a look at the world’s most sought-after travel magazines:

Travel and Leisure: Published monthly by the American Express Publishing Corporation, this magazine is favored by luxury travel enthusiasts the world over. It is a sophisticated, well put-together compilation that outlines the best global travel destinations, information on the history, culture, arts, dining and wining, and popular activities at these places. It also provides up-to-date information on favored luxury accommodation, travel trends and new developments in the travel industry as a whole. It also features a look at the changing trends in luxury travel in the near future.

Luxury Travel Magazine: This premier luxury travel publication is practically a one-stop-shop for anything to do with elegant, luxurious travel. It showcases the best hotels, villas and resorts worldwide, recommends the best trips to take in the season, trending destinations and favored holiday spots of the rich and famous. It also outlines good deals at popular getaways, provides tips on arts, culture, history, sports, shopping and ongoing events at these destinations.

National geographic Traveler: The travel publication of the National geographic Society, this magazine is amongst the well-recognized names in travel reading circles across the globe. Featuring fantastic photographs and life-like imagery of the best places on the planet, it is aimed at evoking the desire to travel. It brings a world of insight on culture, help and tips, exploration of lesser-visited destinations, interesting tours for families, eco-travel and experiential travel. It also contains extensive insider’s knowledge tips from acclaimed travel writers and travel connoisseurs.

Conde Nast Traveler: A name synonymous with luxury and lifestyle trends, Conde Nast has been publishing sophisticated and successful magazines throughout the world for practically a century. This travel publication serves as a superb insider’s guide to discovering the most luxurious and stylish places across the globe. Travel tips and advice, current trends, technology advances in luxury travel, the most popular adventure destinations, unique experiences-it provides it all.

Global Traveler: Although relatively younger than its peers in the luxury travel magazine industry, this monthly publication has quickly gained ground and come to be regarded as an intelligent,  exclusive magazine for globetrotters. It is targeted largely at frequent business travelers who are often high-flying, busy executives. It provides knowledge and information on everything from hotel deals, travel packages, airline travel and restaurant reviews, to city guides, travel blogs and articles and even the best golf courses in different corners of the world.