Welcome to a look at the Top Martial Arts Films of all time. Nothing makes you want to beat up your best friend like a good martial arts film. There are many out there but which ones are a cut above the rest and pack more of a punch.

Ideally I'd like to give the first 5 places of top martial arts films to Bruce Lee's magnificent collection. The five films that he created (in what turned out to be devastatingly the final three years of his life) as a way of showcasing martial arts to the rest of the world. These were The Big Boss (Fists Of Fury), Fist Of Fury (The Chinese Connection), Way Of The Dragon (Return Of The Dragon), Enter The Dragon and Game Of Death. These films unarguably deserve the top spots due to their magnificence and the effect that they had on the world of cinema ( not to mention the effect that Bruce Lee had previously had on the world of martial arts ) but that wouldn't be fair so..


Top Place In Greatest Martial Arts Films


Way Of The Dragon

My personal favorite of martial arts films as well as it being completely Bruce Lee created, he was the writer, director, star and fight choreographer. Incredible fight sequences that give a glimpse into the unmatched speed and skills of Bruce, and of course the amazing and previously banned double nunchaku scene.
Watching Chuck Norris get a slap is a bonus too. 


Ip Man

Biopic of Ip Man (Yip Man), the legendary Grandmaster of Wing Chun Kung Fu who was also responsible for mentoring Bruce Lee in the art of Wing Chun.  An excellent film, beautifully made with phenomenal fight sequences to go along with a great story. Fantastic portrayal of the legendary Ip Man by Donnie Yen.


Top Martial Arts Films



Bringing the devastating knees and elbows style of Muay Thai kickboxing to the mainstream (not seen too often apart from in Van Damme's Kickboxer), Tony Jaa excels in this explosive martial arts extravaganza as Tien, a Muay Thai expert bringing his art brutally to the heads of his foe.


Top Martial Arts Films - Ong Bak


Iron Monkey

Donnie Yen gets another spot with this Monkey Kung Fu packed extravaganza. You will be sure to find this at the top of any best films list. 


Shaolin Temple

Bringing Jet Li into the world of martial arts films and at the same time triggering a new found interest in the world of the Shaolin, the elite warrior monks.


36th Chamber Of Shaolin (Shaolin Master Killer)

A kung fu journey of a warrior thriving for excellence in martial arts in order to exact revenge. One of the films that influenced and inspired the likes of the modern day tributes such as Kill Bill. Why watch the tributes when you can watch the real thing.


Drunken Master

Undecided on which of Jackie Chan's films to use so we'll have the The Legend Of The Drunken Master too. Both films equally fantastic from the master of agility and mind blowing stunts.


Others that also deserve a mention in the top martial arts films are the gloriously bloody Shogun Assassin, the best ninja film in over 20 years, Ninja Assassin. Jean Claude Van Damme also deserves a mention with Bloodsport and for Mark Dacascos at his best check out Drive.
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