Preparing for Top Medical Schools

Top Medical Schools

Before Applying for Medical School

You will need to do some specific courses if you want to apply for medical school. There isn’t a formula as such but medical schools will prefer students who have had courses in chemistry, biology, English and even math.

In addition to that some schools will also have additional criteria of their own which you will have to check on their website. Find out what the requirements are before you take a new course in high school so you can be prepared for your favorite medical schools.

Medical School Skills

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Of course other than study courses, you also need preparation in order to have right skill set to get into medical schools. Medical schools are always looking for people that have leadership qualities and a proper understanding of a medical career.

Most schools will not just base their decision of selection a student on the educational courses and grades alone but they will also take into consideration how many other school activities the student has been part of in order to understand what other capabilities they have and whether they can balance studies and other activities.

Some medical schools may also need some kind of volunteer experience before you can get in. Internships and paid work in relevant field is also considered as a plus. Sometimes they will also want to know if you have ever cared for someone in your family or worked as an emergency medical technician.

Prepare with Summer Programs

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Summer is not the time to waste on impractical activities if you wish to get into med school. Most top medical schools will require that you have made an effort to strengthen your application by taking up relevant summer courses and activities.

Preparing for the MCAT

What is the MCAT?

MCAT is the acronym for Medical College Admission Test. Your entrance into any of the top medical schools will be determined by whether you have a strong academic record and what you score on the Medical College Admission Test. MCAT is a five and a half hour long computer based test.

Studying for MCAT


There are four different sections of the MCAT which include Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning, Biological sciences and Writing Prompts. Usually students take a preparation class that can help them prepare for the test but you can also study on your own since prep classes can be expensive ($2000 - $3000).

Preparing for MCAT on Your Own 

A lot of people prepare for the MCAT on their own and they easily get into medical schools. The medical school doesn’t care much about how you prepared for the test – they just want to know how you scored. So what you can do is either do a long term planned preparation or the MCAT which should be as much as six months or you can cram a few weeks right before the medical test.


Preparing properly for top medical schools is the first step towards getting an admission. You need to plan out everything well in advance so you can get more time to prepare for the MCAT. Also make sure that you have good grades and you also maintain an active student life and take part in various extracurricular activities.


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