1 - When you have a bad record, it can be very hard to get cheap car insurance. The deceptive thing is that most companies will advertise saying they accept everyone. That is of course a lie because you never seem to find one that will give you a good deal.

2 - It is annoying that car insurance is a must and so expensive. Even those that are supposed to be cheap will still cost you a few grand per year.  Having no-claims bonus is also a rip off. Your car insurance will still not be that cheap. You almost have to build a lifetime of no-claims bonus to see any significant savings.

3 - Why do insurance companies also tell you to see terms and conditions that are like encyclopedias. They are so long and complicated that hardly anyone bothers to read them. The problem with that is, you will end up not getting a dime when you need to make a claim. The car insurance you took covers everything in the world apart from what you are claiming for. It was apparently in the contract on page 11840.

4 - Why do companies have to charge you  more just because you live in a different state. The zip code will also be analyzed and you will be charged accordingly. What is the logic behind that? You are not likely to have an accident because you live in a particular state or area. If you car is worthless, living in a rough neighborhood doesn't mean your car will be stolen. If the car is really bad, even leaving your keys in the ignition will not entice anyone to steal it. So why charge more for that?

5 - It is annoying that car insurance often cost more than the car you are trying to cover. How do they figure that out? It is not as if you will likely drive into a new Rolls Royce. If your car is that cheap, those in your neighborhood will like not be millionaires. That is likely why some people drive without insurance. Why pay more to insure an old banger?

6 - Why should you pay more for your car insurance just because you are young and under 25. That is discrimination. Not all young people are hot heads who like to live on the fast lane and who are constantly on the look out for danger. It is annoying when you can't get cheap car insurance because you lack experience and you don't have no-claims bonuses. By the way, the same thing happens to those who are over 65 years old. You are supposed to be retarded and all your years of no-claims will be thrown out of the window so that you can start paying more to insure your car.

7 - Why do you have to fill out so many personal details just to get an online quote from insurance companies. Why would the insurance company want to know how many persons you've slept with in order to work out your insurance quote? Maybe, you drive all night looking for someone to have intimacy with. That can be high risk. Anyway, the online insurance quote is really annoying. You can only imagine that they will also sell your details and start sending you marketing information you don't want.

8 - When you call to get cheap insurance quote, it can be annoying to call a 1-800 number and you get someone who lives on the other side of the world trying to explain why you can't get what you want because your zip code indicates that you live in a dangerous part of town. You can't blame the player but the insurance companies are just after your cash.

9 - Why do companies constantly change their rates. If you call on a Monday, you get charged more and on a Friday, you get a discount. You just wonder what the logic behind the whole pricing is. There is also the yearly insurance increase even when you haven't claim a dime. Some top executives obviously needs a pay rise.

10 - When you call for a cheap car insurance, why is it that the representative is always trying to sell a policy that is more expensive than the one advertised. You will be offered earthquake insurance, airbag insurance and other crazy insurances that will only cost you about $2 extra per month. When all is added to your yearly premium, you are way up there. It is not even such an issue if the insurance companies don't give you so much grief when it comes to claiming and getting money for what you are entitled to.

11- It is annoying when most companies claim to offer the cheapest car insurance just to get you to sign up with them. The problem with the basic offer is that is doesn't include anything worth paying for. So, you end up paying more because of their deceptive advertisement. There are those who will offer something reasonable for the first three months claiming you can end the insurance whenever you want. Because you signed up to direct debit, the idiots will continue to withdraw money from your account even after you've cancelled your insurance. You will then have to fight with your bank to ask for a refund. Total waste of time and energy.

12 - Have you noticed how bad some of the commercials can be? You just wonder if these companies are making so much money, why can't they pay someone to think up a good engaging advertisement? It that is too expensive, they could at least scrap the whole thing and the savings could be passed on to clients looking for affordable car insurance.

13 - When you pay good money to insure a new car and you get into an accident a few weeks later, the insurance company often will try to give you only a fraction of the original price of the car. That is why car insurance companies are a rip off. Maybe the best thing to do is to start your own insurance company and see how that works out.