It's really hard to choose the best movies from Tim Burton but after I thought about it and watched most of his movies once again I came to a final conclusion of which are his best movies. 


  Beetlejuice: The first film I saw from Tim Burton and one of my personal favorites in general. This film is not a masterpiece or has something to show from Tim Burton’s style but it's the first film  where he really started to show what kind of style he would follow in the future. The film is about a couple who become ghosts and want to throw out the new owners of their house. They seek help in Beetlejuice, an expert in these situations.This film was awarded an Oscar for best makeup .


Batman: The batman film that was considered to be the best one till the dark knight came out. Here Gotham city is the most Gothic city than in any other Batman film , the villains are actually villains and we had the best joker up until the late Heath Ledger played joker. Under the direction of Tim Burton who set this film  as the standard everyone else had to follow when doing batman movies, the film  received the Oscar for best art direction-set direction.  

Edward Scissor hands: A man with scissors for hands trying to live a normal life in a not so normal world . Here we have a great example of what Tim Burton does best, a strange and unique character who wants to live a normal life. However, this does not come so easy when you have scissors for hands and you are in love. The film  was nominated for Oscar in the category ''best make up'' .


Big Fish: A masterpiece from Tim Burton. A two hour story which you would never realize is that long after you finish watching it. This film  captivates the watcher from the beginning and lets him/her become lost in the many stories which unfold in the film . The film  was nominated for best music-original score Oscar award and it's also number 246 in the top 250 movies on imdb.

Corpse Bride: Even though many people believe that ''nightmare before Christmas'' was Tim Burton’s first animated film , it's actually not. Neither corpse bride is to be honest but corpse bride has been his  best one yet. A Gothic scene with corpses playing music and a bride who seeks her one true love. Sounds a bit twisted ? Wait till the corpses come to the real world and meet with their relatives and families . 

Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street :The Broadway musical coming alive in the big screen; who better to direct it than Tim Burton? Who better to play Sweeney Todd than Johnny Depp? This film  was nominated for three Oscars and won one for the ''Best Achievement in Art Direction ''.