We often look at actors as being naturally skilled; however, most great actors started off with no acting skills. If you have even wanted to be an actress/actor then you can learn this craft. There are a lot of myths about being a professional actor/actress. Here are the top myths associated with becoming an actress/actor.


Many people perceive themselves as being unattractive. Even people who know they are attractive will have features such as the shape of their nose that they find unattractive. It is a myth that you have to be attractive to then become a actress/actor.

Movies, television, and Broadway all need good actors who fit a variety of body shapes and looks. Many people find actor Nicolas Cage to be attractive yet these people who do not find him attractive still love to watch his movies because he is such a great actress/actor.

Training Boot Camp

Learning to be a great performer is a skill set that takes a lifetime to learn. Yes that is true because you will always be learning and growing as an actor throughout your career; however, you will never become a good entertainer by sitting at home daydreaming about being a performer. The best way to in shape to become an actor and go on auditions for acting roles is to take a total immersion actor training course. If you can dedicate 1 ½ weeks to 3 weeks you can take a total immersion acting class at the World Famous Gately Conservatory. When you finish up a class here you will not only have the skills you need to get involved in acting, but you will also have the confidence and mental view that you can do it.

Can’t Become a Professional Performer

Many people believe they cannot become an actor because they have a family and a regular job to attend to. You do not have to quit your job and move to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. You may find that you simply love acting and you can start by performing in local plays. Once you begin performing you may also want to start your own YouTube Videos.

If you monetize YouTube videos using the Google Adsense program then you can make enough money to quit your day job if you make videos that are interesting enough to YouTube watchers. At this point you will be getting paid to be a performer and then you can afford to quit your job and then it is up to you if you wish to pursue other opportunities such as becoming a film or television actor.