Not in any particular order


This is the best and most established Mac podcast on the internet and Adam Christiansen does a very good informative podcast. He has a great mix of news, tips, help and even some music at the end. Most of the time he avoids the rumours. Definitely a podcast to listen to if you are a new user or if your are a power user. Lately he has gone down the route of having a premium version for members only, it is not expensive and it you like the show as I do, then you might want to sign up. He is working towards being a full time podcaster. Mostly it is just Adam the presenter talking but now and then he brings in other people to interview or get an opinion from.

MacPowerUsersMac Power Users

This podcast has been going perhaps a year or so, when it started it was not very much a power users show as they were very general in the approach and nothing was done in detail. Now they are more suitable for power users but the Mac Geek Gab show with Dave Hamilton and John F Braun is more geeky and more suited to the real power users. There have been a few shows where they have concentrated on an application which has meant that it was covered in more depth. Also there have been some where that have looked at work flows of users. When they had Merlin Mann on the show it was interesting and threw out a couple of gems of good information. Katie is prone to say ummm rather a lot. It is more of a punctuation in her speech. The better podcasters try and cut that out if they can or edit some out in post production. Not on this one though. The other presenter David Sparks is also a lawyer and an author of books about using the Mac in business.

YourMacShowDenis Freitas - Your Mac Show

Your Mac Show is designed for All Mac users including those making the Move from the PC. It covers All Apple products, software, iPhone apps and so on. They aim to be providing a weekly screencast on all things Apple and Macintosh. This one is a new show and is still finding its feet in the sphere of Mac Podcasts. Worth a try to see if it meets your needs in a Mac podcast.

BagelTechBagelTech Mac Show

Hosted by Ewan Rankin. This one comes out every Friday and is entertaining here and there. They talk about the Apple news and also about the rumours. The guests usually feature DrHappyMac, Don McAllister, Will Green and Kyle Swager. Andy Ihnatko is on there from time to time also. The view of the news is part serious and part taking the mickey and irreverent. Don is the serious pundit on the show and so is DrHappyMac. Will Green is from the British Mac Podcast but talks more about the mess that his puppy makes around the house. Of course the podcast is extra popular when the columnist from the Chicago Sun Times Andy Ihnatko is on.

They talk about the News concerning Apple and waffle for much of the show about the rumours and things that have not happened and often times are not likely to happen. Still can be entertaining though. This show is still fairly new and may be still finding its feet. I do expect it will always be a news type show and the worst of that is when it is a slow news week they get stuck in the rumours. Talking about rumours or even speculating about how you think Apple should do its business is a waste of breath. That is why I like the MacCast show which has tips and tricks which fills the space admirably when there is less news to talk about.


Mac20QInterviews of Mac users of all types. Video people, writers, photographers and artists. David Allen talks to other podcasters and gets the low down on how they really use the Mac. There has been a break in the podcasts for the first half of 2011 but there are 119 or so podcasts that can still be downloaded. Also, on Youtube there are screencasts that are to show how to do things with your Mac. Mac20Q podcast for all Mac users.

MacOSKenMac OS Ken

Ken Ray has been doing this daily podcast about the company from Cupertino for some time now. He has a premium version called Day Six which goes out once a week for the members that have paid. The show is a sardonic look at the daily news affecting Apple or coming from Apple and can be interesting. It is well presented and Ken does it with good interesting sort of ironic style.


Mac Craic

Two guys from Ireland and they do the usual news items but do it with a twist that makes the Mac podcast have to run with an explicit tag. Dave is the straight man of the comedy team and Justin is there to try and find as many double meanings in the words of the news as possible. Sometimes I find that they hone in on areas of the news that don’t interest me, such as looking at patents that have been filed by Apple. Or they might discuss a court case that has started that Apple are involved in either as the litigator or the receiver of the litigation. It is entertaining and rude at the same time, it is more of a silly school boy humour and not specifically disgusting, so don’t dismiss it without having a listen.

MacGeek GabMac Observer Mac Geek Gab with Dave Hamilton and John F Braun.

Heavy duty, help the listener show for the geeks in the audience. Often the problems or issues they deal with are so specific to a small number of listeners. Sometime the help they give is more generally useful, and in such detail to be really helpful. A lot of the questions asked are about networking voodoo, but other wider ranging topics are covered also.

TypicalMacUserTypical Mac user

Victor Cajiao runs this one and I have listened to it in the past. Then he decided on doing a set of shows aimed pretty much exclusively at beginners with the Mac and I decided I didn’t fit in that category. I have not been back to look to see if that has finished and has something more relevant for me, but I may do. He did have a very good series of looking at how to use the command line and by that comment you can tell easily that I am a bit of a geek.

There are plenty of Mac Podcasts out there and you can find them by looking in iTunes or whatever podcatcher you use.