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Youthful, Beautiful Skin Without Surgery

Though millions of men and women face the undesirable effects associated with aging, the majority hesitate to take the plunge into plastic surgery to correct these issues. Sagging skin, deep wrinkles, creases around the mouth and loss of volume beneath the skin combine to give the face an unappealing and constantly fatigued appearance. Fortunately, non-invasive age-fighting treatments are becoming increasingly popular, accessible and affordable for individuals who would rather not go under the knife to reach their cosmetic goals.

Anti-Aging Treatment with Long-Lasting Injectable Solutions

As skin ages, it gradually loses elasticity and fullness due to decreased collagen production. This results in deep creases around the nose and mouth as well as sunken hollows beneath the eyes and cheeks. Radiesse®, a dermal filler that is administered by injection, works to restore natural-looking volume and life to these areas, giving the entire face a more youthful appearance. Results are visible immediately and have been proven to last for at least one full year, if not longer. 

Another cosmetic solution with age-defying results is the increasingly popular JUVÉDERM® injection, which has already given thousands of aging individuals a new outlook on life. Patients report looking and feeling invigorated, refreshed and beautiful in their new skin.[4577] The secret behind this powerful anti-aging injection lies in its cross-linked hyaluronic acid, a carbohydrate compound that occurs naturally throughout the body. Skin is instantly smoother, more supple, less wrinkled and more youthful.[4576] The addition of a local anesthetic provides the patient with improved comfort during and shortly after the procedure.

If stubborn wrinkles and lines in the forehead or around the eyes are a major complaint, an experienced cosmetic surgeon will often recommend Botox® Cosmetic injections to correct these problems. The patented formula is based upon the science behind a purified solution of the OnabotulinumtoxinA compound, which effectively paralyzes the excessively active muscles responsible for wrinkles and fine lines. The result is a smoother skin surface and a rejuvenated face.[4578]

Who Benefits from Anti-Aging Injectables?

Men and women who are dissatisfied with their appearance due to the effects of aging are prime candidates for skin-enhancing cosmetic procedures. Healthy bone and tissue structures are important, as these factors can affect the outcome of the treatment. A consultation with a qualified, experienced cosmetic surgeon will determine the best procedure for each individual. Patient expectations should be reasonable and follow-up injections may be necessary to maintain results for extended periods of time.