Nylabone Teething Chew Toy

If you are a  puppy lover like me, you are always looking for the right toy like the Nylabone Puppy Teething Pacifier Chew Toy. My puppy loves this toy. I have a Cocker Spaniel and she loves to chew on things. Now that she is starting to get a lot more active, she is chewing on everything. 

When I started looking for toys, I looked at ten different ones and I did some analysis on all of them. The first one that I looked at was the Nylabone Puppy Teething Pacifier Chew Toy, Extra-Small . Let's look at some specs of the chew toy.

Puppy Chew ToyCredit: Nylabone

Specs for Nylabone Puppy Teething Pacifier Chew Toy

Here are some specs on the Nylabone Teething Chew Toy so you know what your puppy is chewing on.

  • Made from a material that is flexible and soft. This particular toy was designed for puppies who have not fully formed their teeth. This is real good for little puppies who do not have a full set of large teeth.
  • Puppies often have chewing habits that are dangerous to your belongings. This toy promotes puppies to be less destructive.
  • Helps clean the teeth of the puppies which is important when they are young to start out with good teeth.
  • Some dogs are larger than others. But some are small. They make the Puppy Teething Pacifier Chew Toy in multiple sizes including an extra small. 

All of these specs equal reliability. The key to a chew toy is that is delivers what it claims to. You have to make sure that you get the right size for your dog. 

Nylabone Teething Toy Description

Like I said earlier, it is a toy that is soft and made with a flexible material so the puppy learns to chew with less destructive tendencies while at the same time promoting healthy teeth and strong gums. But what does the toy look like?

Puppy Chew Toy 2Credit: Nylabone

The Nylabone Puppy Teething Pacifier Chew Toy is made in the shape of a pacifier. Hence the name. It looks like a key chain with pacifiers on it. The key chain is made with the same flexible material as the pacifiers and has bumps for soothing the teeth when your dog chews on it. 

Blue, purple, and green are the colors they come in. The toy itself is very flexible and resistant to chewing so it lasts a long time. But it is important to note that there are multiple sizes for the toy. I have heard that people with different sized dogs have had different experiences with sizes that don't fit their dog's age and weight. 

This means that if your dog is a Great Dane puppy, you are going to want to get the extra-large and not the extra small one. If you get the wrong size, your dog will tear it apart. As long as you pick the right size, the toy will last for a long time.


I recommend this product for a few reasons. When I was studying these chew toys, I was trying to find out which one, or one's, would help my puppy the most in keeping her teeth healthy and soothing some of her pain and anxiety. 

Puppy Chew Toy 3Credit: Nylabone

  1. The Puppy Pacifier Teething Chew Toy is very reliable for the right sized dog. The material is flexible and will last.
  2. Because of the design, your puppies teeth will continue to grow healthy and be cleaned when your dog uses it. 
  3. There are multiple different sizes if the chew toy that you can buy your puppy. This makes customizing the toy to your puppy very easily. 

The Best Part - The best part of this toy is the price. It is less than $5 per toy. For a price like that and the quality of the toy, I think that this is a great product all around. 

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