Backyard Sandboxes for Kids

Unique Sandboxes for Kids

Backyard Toys for Kids

A sandbox is a great outdoor toy for toddlers and small children. Not only can a sandbox provide hours of fun for kids but it also encourages children to get out of the house and enjoy playtime outdoors. A backyard sand box  is suitable for most children over the age of two. This is one of the best outdoor toys that a parent can buy for their children because it helps to foster creativity and encourages kids to use their imaginations to build and create while also getting kids away from computers, video games and other electronics that encourages inactivity and a sedimentary lifestyle.

Pottery Barn Chesapeake Sandbox with Awning

Pottery Barn Kids has a backyard sandbox for kids complete with an awning. The Chesapeake Sandbox with Awning costs about $400 and coordinates with other items in the Pottery Barn Chesapeake collection.  The Chesapeake sandbox is made of weather-resistant materials and is big enough to fit up to three kids together comfortably. Not only does the canvas cover keep kids shaded in hot summer months but it also helps to keep the sandbox clean and free of unwanted debris. Coordinating sets of sand toys can be purchased on the Pottery Barn website for $12 – $20.

Tierra-Derco Large Covered Wooden Sandbox

For around $300 this unique sandbox can be purchased to provide hours of outdoor playtime for small children. This sandbox is made from wooden slats. It has a roof that can be lowered and converted into a sandbox cover to keep out debris and animals. The roof is made of wooden beams and a vinyl cover that is lowered with a  simple hand crank.

Step2 Naturally Playful Sandbox at Toys R Us

Children’s toy maker, Step2 has a cute little sandbox available at Toys R Us and Walmart for under $100. This plastic sandbox is designed to look like a natural brick structure. It has built in cornerstone seats for children to sit while playing in the sand. There is even  a lid that fits over the sandbox to keep out animals, debris, other outdoor elements when not in use. When your little ones have outgrown this sandbox it can easily be used as a large planter box for your yard. This sandbox comes fully assembled.

Kidkraft Backyard Sandbox

This large 5-foot by 5-foot over-sized sandbox by Kidkraft is the perfect place for kids to dig and create in the sand. This sandbox is a great option for parents in search of larger sturdier sandbox as an alternative to the smaller plastic sandboxes that may be more suitable for younger children. Older kids will enjoy playing is this roomy sandbox that is made from sturdy reinforced wooden panels.  There are built in seats on all four corners of this sandbox for children to sit while they play in the sand. A mesh covers is included to keep out leaves and animals. This product must be assembled.

Sandlock Sandbox with Cover

Sandoclk offers a unique oversized sandbox big enough to fit three children comfortably. This sandbox does require some assembly but is made from easy to assemble interlocking plastic slats. Up to four small children or three bigger kids can fit in this roomy sandbox which is 5’ x  5’. It’s a great play area for kids without taking up too much room in the backyard. There are two removable corner seats, a heavy duty fitted cover and a heavy duty ground barrier included with this set.

KidKraft Pirate Sandboat

KidKraft offers a fun take on the traditional sandbox. Kids will enjoy more than just playing in the sand in the boat shaped sandbox with pirate themed decals and flags. The front portion of this boat is the sandbox which can fit one or more children. The back portion is a seating area which can fit multiple children. There is small awning over this sandbox to shield kids from the sun while they let their imagines soar. Other fun included accessories are the steering wheel that is made onto one of the accent beams which ties in nicely with the pirate theme. The back portion of the sand box is also a storage area for toys. There is also an included a sandbox cover.

Scenery Solutions Frame-It-All Hexagon Sandbox

For under $200 you can find this hexagon shaped sandbox at major e-retailers like Walmart. This is one of the largest sandboxes that can be found for this price range. Eco-friendly parents should appreciate the fact that this sand box is made from all green materials. These splinter-free materials are also rot-proof and warp-proof. Parents will also appreciate the fact that this sandbox can be converted to a lovely raised flower bed, vegetable garden when children outgrow it. Not only is this sand box wide enough to fit several children but it is also deep enough to fit several thousand pounds of play sand.

Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table

Step2 has created a unique twist to the traditional sand box by creating an elevated sand table. This is a great product for parents looking for a more compact solution for smaller backyards or environments. Parents will love that the elevated design of this table will keep help to keep kids clean. This sand table comes with a matching table cover that fastens to the table to protect play sand from rain, and other unwanted elements like leaves, debris, and animals. The lid also has a die-cast race track built in it for additional fun . This sand table also comes with accessories including a bucket, claws, and trowels.

Little Tikes Big Digger Sandbox

Little Tikes has created one of the most unique backyard sandbox products on the market.  This sandbox has a traditional sand box area where children can dig and play in the sand. There is also a built-in working manual excavator that kids can use to dig in the sand and fill up buckets, dump trucks and other toys. There is also a truck ramp at the base of the sandbox that can also be used as a lid when the sandbox portion is not in use.


Additional Accessories

If you are considering buying a sand box you should be aware that you will have to purchase the sand separately. You can find play sand at most home improvement stores as well as some smaller hardware stores and big chain stores. You should also considering buying a sandbox cover if the one you choose does not come with one.  A good cover will be weather-resistant as well as animal-resistant. Lastly you will want to buy toys that children can play with outside in their sandbox. Most plastic toys are suitable. Beach toys are also a good idea so kids can dig in the sand and build sand castles and sand molds.