Keeping It Secure

Password management is one of the most important aspects of technical security for any business. However, it also seems to be one area that is routinely ignored. Getting password management done right can be the difference between an embarrassing server comprise and sleeping good at night. Fortunately, there are some tools that make the maintenance of passwords a simple process, and they should definitely be used in order to limit the attack surface area that a potential hacker might attempt to use.

The most important part of password security is the choosing of a legitimately secure phrase. Many people like to use easy to remember words or incorporate significant numbers into the passwords that they choose. This behavior can be expected because there are simply so many passwords to remember in the modern world. The trick is to configure things so that all of these passwords do not have to be remembered at all. One good tool for doing this is called KeePass. There are also other free variants of this password management tool. One can set up groups and then record the user - password combination within the software. It all gets stored in an encrypted database that can be offloaded to a usb drive or a central server for backup purposes. When the manager is started, there is a single prompt for the main passphrase. This should be something long and adhering to the general rules for secure password choices. After that, it is simply a matter of copying and pasting the required password when the employee encounters it during the daily workflow. A great feature of KeePass is that it limits the amount of time that the copied password is stored in the clipboard. Also, it is a great advantage against keyloggers because a person never actually has to type the password.

Another important area of enterprise security lies in certificate management. Tools like the Venafi certificate manager are good at keeping a centralized and secure footprint for all digital certificates and private keys. The Venafi tools helps eliminate security breaches by effectively managing the encryption environment.

Password management is crucial to businesses. It is surprising the number of managers who still fail to get this vital aspect of business right. Take the time to see how the above tips can be incorporated into daily routines, and the hackers will find an easier and softer target to penetrate.