Businesses face many decisions every day. They have to solve issues for many reasons for the profitable running of operation.

They know the importance of record keeping making even the payroll an important aspect. For this reason, many companies seek performance payroll software programs that will offer options of optimal tracking of payroll, employee benefits, and attendance.

Some of the payroll software programs designed to meet the needs of businesses are as follows:

Intuit's QuickBook has multi facet accounting functions to perform all areas of accounting with the payroll services reaching out into four divisions for the companies. All of the options are intergraded into the accounting software to reduce time and increase efficiency.

Sage's Peachtree is the top competitor for QuickBooks that is similar in all facets of the accounting package including detailed employee information for Human Resources, payroll, and all tax preparations features.

Optimum Suite is a payroll, human resource, time and attendance, and applicant tracking software that runs on Windows operating systems. It has the options to be used as a standalone payroll system or an integrated program. Companies with 100 to 15,000 employees for ease and accuracy trust the system.

Abra Suit by Best Software is a Human Resource and payroll software programs incorporates the recruiting aspect for businesses as well as training and benefits administration along with the full functions of payroll and tax filing preparations.

i-Trust Web is an Integral Systems, Inc. program that is fully functional with all areas of Human Resource and payroll. It is designed as the industry-leader for premier mainframes and client/server software for easy accessibility that is capable to resolve the most complex HR and Payroll issues for medium to large sized organizations.

Genesys Payroll and Human Resource system has over 20 years experience in the field. It is designed for mid to large sized organizations to deal with even the most complex situations.

The program integrates application tracking, labor relations, unlimited earnings and deductions, benefits administration, and multi payer employer IDs. It is also available for self-employed services, prints checks, and all tax preparation and filing.

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