With the malls full of desperate shoppers on Christmas Eve, would it not be great to give a personalised Christmas present be able to arrange it in advance and enjoy a mince-pie? Every year the reindeer socks, santa baby outfits and Christmas novelty musical ties sell in their millions for just a few days use; but not this year, because YOU are going to offer something with more foresight, more thought and be infinitely more appreciated by your loved ones.

Giving a Christmas gift that is more personal might need a little more time, so take the initiative and clear out your secret hidden place in the corner of the wardrobe so that you can hide your Christmas gifts ready for Santa Claus to come and collect them (other interpretations of Santa Claus are available) ready to deliver on Christmas Eve.

Why I Like Personal Gifts

Have you looked at some of these "personal and quirky" gift idea websites? USB Handwarmers? Just who is going to root around in their drawer in 2 years time to find it when the weather gets cold; that's right, they will just head for the gloves. A Towel marked with Face on one side and..... derriere on the other? Really?

Some of these present ideas are really designed to raise a chuckle on Christmas Day and be in the waste bin by the New Year. Retailers bank on it because it means repeat custom on a Christmas Day a few years down the line when everyone has forgotten what a load of rubbish that gift really was.

Personal Does Not Mean Expensive

Some of the ideas of personalised gifts can be expensive; but lots are not, especially when they are gifts you can buy all year round when a store or manufacturer is having a sale, shifting unseasonal stock or a new product line. Today we are going to look at some ideas that will help you choose a top Christmas present for your loved one whether they are your partner, child or a long-lost auntie. 

Top Gift: Photo Canvas

Something that I did for my wifes first Christmas as a Mrs was to mount one of her favourite wedding photographs on a canvas. It really is as simple as it sounds; you supply  photo and the canvas is printed, mounted on a wooden frame and ready to hang on a wall.

Walking though your average British shopping mall usually finds that photography shops will do these to order and occasionally an independent stall holder might be found who does them there and then. The problem with these is that they are so expensive compared to doing it online and ordering it in advance; a quick search on Google (in the UK) shows hundreds of independent and well-known companies all touting for business with "big discounts" available. 

If you are shopping for a photo canvas then a reasonable 75cmx55cm photo canvas can cost less than £20 or in terms of size going us as far as the eye can see.

How to find top photo canvas suppliers: Just Google It; plenty to choose from!

Top Gift: Bottle of Champagne

If your Christmas present is going to be for someone of legal drinking age (or even if they are not); a personalised bottle of Champagne or wine is a gift that can either end up being drunk or placed on the shelf for years to come.

These gifts are almost exclusively available online because of the fact that they are personalised. The personalization is mostly done on the label where your only confines are the size and shape of the label itself; the extent of what you can change really does depend on the company providing it. The price you can expect to pay is usually in line with the price of a good bottle of plonk, £40 for Champagne and £20 for wine but this does vary. 

Top Gift: Unique Calender

If you have 12 photographs that mean something to your recipient, then ordering a personalised calender adorned with your photographs could be the perfect present. Many of the photo processing companies offer a service and costs are really cheap if you are looking for a gift from a child to their teacher or parent.

The beauty of calender is that they can be purchased well in advance as a calendar will never change it's dates. After the next year is out of course, the calendar can be trimmed to make a flip chart of favourite photographs or cut out to mount in a picture frame or scrapbook.

Top Gift: Engraved Glasses

If you are buying for a couple, why not consider a pair of engraved glasses. Many websites offer engraved wine, hi-ball or whisky glasses all year around; and if you are buying for a couple then a pair of engraved glasses allows you to buy two Christmas presents at the same time. The engrave glasses you buy for Christmas would be equally appreciated on the mantlepiece or being used for drinks, so buying a glass to match the drink of the recipient is a good idea.

Engraved glasses can be relatively inexpensive or made of beautiful crystal cut glass. If glasses are not enough; matching decanters can also be bought to complete the set and offer a talking point for wine, spirits or anything else you care to decant.

Gift's Don't Have To Be Tacky

There are plenty of presents that you can buy for your loved ones, but making it personal say something special. These gifts are relatively cheap in terms of personalised gifts for your family or friends and for a top Christmas personalised gift you can buy them early and store them ready to be collected by Santa Claus ready to deliver on Christmas Eve.

Do you have a Christmas personalised gift idea? Add your below and offer even more choice for our readers to choose from and make their personalised Christmas gifts better than a bar of soap that smells of beer.