Money Problems?

These books will lead you to a life of financial independence.

Many people in the world are saddled with so much personal debt that it is truly suffocating.  Yet, without professional advice, often times these people dig themselves deeper into debt in trying to get out. 

If you spend anytime listening to AM radio, or pay attention to highway billboards, you know that the financial planning industry is thriving.  Professional financial advisors are a dime-a-dozen and have varying methods on how to get you wealthy.  One of the thoughts that crosses my mind when I see these ads is that it seems so strange that we are making these people wealthy by them telling us how to become wealthy.  

Nevertheless, the best of the best financial advisors are the ones who have been around for a while, and have a great reputation.  Here is a short list of the best professional financial advice books.


#3 - How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, and Live Prosperously* - Jerrold Mundis - Bantam Books - Available from $9.98 on 

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In ...Live Prosperously* , Jerrold Mundis opens up as a recovered debtor, and walks his readers through the Debtors Anonymous process.  While DA has not endorsed this book, Mundis uses his experience and relates it to the readers.  If  you find yourself in a place where you owe more than you make, if you are getting threatening collections letter, or are noticing your debts have risen beyond what you ever meant for them to, then this book will help you.  It will help you to learn the warning signs to serious debt, how to identify your "spending blind spots", how to cope with the anxiety of debt, and lots more.  This book really can help recognize just how serious debt is.



#2 - Debt-Free U - Zac Bissonnette - Penguin Books Ltd. - Available from $10.88 on



In Zac Bissonnette's Debt-Free U he walks the reader through his approach to the most daunting process families with teens face; paying for college.  Often times, families think the only way that a graduating child can get a good job is to saddle themselves with hundreds of tens to thousands of dollars in debt to pay for a college degree.  In this book, Zac details his experience of paying for college, as his subtitle says, "without loans, scholarships, or mooching off [his] parents." This is a great read for parents looking down the road at paying for a kid's college, and an even better read for college bound high school students who understand how burdensome tuition will be on their parents.


#1 - 

The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness

 - Dave Ramsey - Thomas Nelson pub - Available from $16.49 on

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 Really, I could have written an entire article recommending only Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makeover.  The secondary title, "A proven plan for financial fitness" truly fits the bill.  Dave's straight forward, no-nonsense, tough love, faith-based, rice and beans approach to becoming debt free, and leaving a legacy, really should be in every household.  His "baby steps" take you to a place where you and your family can be financially independent before you even know it.  The great thing about Dave Ramsey's program, is that it is not just a book.  He is a nationally syndicated radio host, a frequent guest on national shows, tours the country and speaks to large crowds, and offers "Financial Peace University".  FPU is an opportunity for you to follow Dave's steps, and have a small accountability group to help you along the way.   The all around approach to becoming debt free makes Dave Ramsey, and his The Total Money Makeover the ultimate resource to solving your money woes.



If you'll notice, all three books referenced focus on being Debt Free.  That truly is the only way to be financially independent.  So if your future, or that of your family, is in doubt, grab a book, watch a video, call a friend, and get debt free!



Dave Ramsey's Intro to The Total Money Makeover