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If you’re a business owner and you are not already familiar with Pinterest, then now is the time to get familiar, maybe even really cozy with it, as it can be a huge asset to your business in a variety of ways. Think of Pinterest as an online bulletin board where users can “pin” things they like on Pinterest or on the web on one of their many boards to view at any time. Pinterest enables users to keep an online record of everything they like online and also each pin is shared with others; if you’re lucky, that could even include your business or products! Creating a Pinterest account for your business is the first step in taking advantage of the over 4 million people who view Pinterest every day. On your page, you can have boards that are tailored to what your company is all about. For example, if you are in the design business, having boards that showcase your newest designs, links to pages on your website where people can buy products, and even a board to organize things that you see online may inspire new design ideas. The possibilities are really endless when it comes to utilizing Pinterest and this is even truer now that applications have been developed specifically for Pinterest users. The Internet has been scoured in search of some of the top Pinterest apps for use in business, and they are detailed here.

Pinterest Phone Apps:

Each smart phone has its own Pinterest application for mobile users to install on their devices. Although the concept of each is generally the same, having access to Pinterest right at your fingertips at any time, there are some key differences among them as well. Using Pinterest on your mobile device will allow you to search for inspiration on the go, share Pins with your followers, and pin right from your device’s camera so that you never miss a beat.

  • Android App

The Pinterest app for Android is available on the Google play site and essentially brings the web version of Pinterest straight to your phone. There are no big frills with this app, so it is easy to search, pin, and stay inspired on the go. This app allows you to pin from your device’s camera, so that the project that you just completed can be live on Pinterest within seconds of completion to share with your followers and for them to share with friends. This is why users of this app give it a 4.7 out of 5 rating.

  • App for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad

The Pinterest app for Apple devices is a no frills application as well. The recently updated version boasts that the previous bugs have been fixed and performance has been improved. The nice thing about the Pinterest app for Apple is that it is available for all Apple devices on the iTunes store. The iPhone Pinterest app is downloaded about 200,000 times a day, so just think, that’s 200,000 potential new followers and clients right in the palm of your hands!

  • Pinspiration for the Windows Phone

Pinspiration is the Windows version of the Pinterest app and is free to use and install. The Windows app possesses many of the same qualities as the other mobile apps, but does not offer a way to pin directly from the phone’s camera. This app is available on the Windows Phone Store.


This is an analytical application that helps users monitor, track, and analyze trends and gauge their success on Pinterest. This application is very handy for the statistically minded business owner who wants to know how effective their pins are, how successful their Pinterest account is, and where they can improve, as well as knowing what is currently popular in order to keep up with trends.


PinPuff is a similar type of app to PinReach in that it allows users to measure the influence, reach, and viral status of their pins. The unique aspect of PinPuff is that it assigns a Pinfluence score based on all of the analytics and displays the monetary value of a user’s pin. Again, this is useful for businesses who constantly want to know how well their social media marketing strategies are working so that bonuses can be given for a job well done, or improvements can be made in areas that are not going as well.

WiseStamp Pinterest Email App

Want to get the word out that you have a Pinterest account for your business? The WiseStamp Pinterest Email app enables you to place a “Follow Me on Pinterest” button at the bottom of emails as part of your unique signature. This way, with every company email that is sent out, encouragement to follow your business on Pinterest is expressed to each person or group you correspond with and is a great way to generate more followers and potential customers.

If your business is not already using Pinterest for business as a means to display your products, ideas, and inspiration with the rest of the world, now is the time to do it. Signing up is easy and you can begin to pin, inspire, and be inspired in just a few minutes. Be creative with your Pinterest account. Pin a quote of the day, a fashion idea of the day, a favorite new product of the day, or even some words of advice to reach out to followers, both old and new. The more you pin, the more potential you generate for your business to reach out to people who normally would not be in your target market. You will be amazed at how quickly you can rack up followers and if you follow them back, it is like showing them that you appreciate what they have to offer as well. If you are ready to engage with consumers on a whole new level, sign up for Pinterest today and take advantage of all the great apps listed above.