Whether it's hot or cold outside in Boston, there are plenty of perfect dessert options. These are a few tried-and-true dessert places for when you are craving something succulent.

5. L. A. Burdick: Hot Chocolate

Perfect for a cold winter evening, L. A. Burdick's hot white, milk, or dark chocolate is sure to please chocolate lovers everywhere. Unlike many places that serve hot chocolate, L. A. Burdick's version is very rich and creamy. They use high quality chocolate and incorporate generous portions of it into each cup. L. A. Burdick has two locations in Boston and Cambridge.

4. Parker's Restaurant: Boston Cream Pie

The Boston Cream Pie is said to have originated here in at the Omni Parker Hotel in 1856. Slightly different from what one might imagine, the Boston Cream Pie here is served in individual portions and with more sponge cake than cream. Regardless, it is light and tasty, and it is fun knowing that this is the city's very first Boston Cream Pie. If you are on the go, you can actually order one to go at Parker's Bar, which is also located inside the hotel. The Omni Parker Hotel is located at 60 School Street in Boston.

3. Flour Bakery: Sticky Buns

I first heard about Flour Bakery while watching Throwdown With Bobby Flay on the Food Network. Chef Joanne Chang beat Chef Flay in a battle to create the better sticky buns. This dessert does not disappoint. Each bun is about 5 inches in diameter and dripping with sticky brown sugar-based syrup. The dough is also a warm brioche dough, which makes it taste extra special. This dessert is nice for sharing, but you may end up wanting the whole thing yourself! There are three locations in Fort Point, the South End, and Central Square.

2. J. P. Licks: Ice Cream

I have a friend who made it her mission to go to every J. P. Licks in Boston. Sure enough, I became hooked as well. The first J. P. Licks was established in 1981 in Jamaica Plain (hence "J. P."), and it gained immediate popularity. Part of the draw lies in the variety and constant addition of new (sometimes outrageous) flavors to the menu, including but not limited to Sangria, Pumpkin Custard, and Noodle Kugel. My personal favorite is Black Raspberry, but there is certainly a flavor for everyone. There are eleven, soon to be twelve, locations around Boston and Cambridge.

1. Max Brenner: Crystal Sugar Churros Fondue

With only four locations in Boston, New York City, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia, how lucky am I to have access to a Max Brenner restaurant? This restaurant revolves around chocolate, even incorporating it into savory entrees. I have not tried the entrees here, but I have been to Max Brenner twice for dessert. The crystal sugar churros fondue is stunning to look at and amazing in taste. The churros are warm, and they come with raspberry dipping sauce, caramel dipping sauce, and your choice of white, milk, or dark chocolate, over a flame. This is an excellent dessert for sharing. Max Brenner is located at 745 Boylston Ave. in the Back Bay.