Worldwide Cruises

If you are going to be traveling in your 50s, why not see a number of worldwide locations at once? A cruise is a fantastic way to experience some of the greatest natural and tourist sites in the world in a relaxed atmosphere. Considering that voyages can take a number of weeks or even months, most cruise ships are kitted out to be the lap of luxury, with a range of stylish restaurants and entertainment facilities catered to on board. There are also opportunities to book as part of a group tour, which can be a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

The Orient Express

Famous around the world for its style and historic glamour The Orient Express is probably the most luxurious and relaxing train ride on Earth. The train passes through a number of exotic locations including Turkey and other areas of Eastern Europe, and passengers can experience all of these marvellous sites in an opulent atmosphere. Fine dining, entertainment and exquisite relaxation are all prerequisites of The Orient Express and the train has allowed many travellers to experience new parts of Europe they otherwise may not see.


Although many people think of South East Asian territories as areas for young students and backpackers to visit on a gap year, there are also plenty of opportunities for older tourists to visit and enjoy the astonishing country. Yes people can backpack and stay in hostels if they choose, but there are a also a number of more upmarket hotels in the country catered to guests who demand a little more comfort during their trip. The country itself is also rich in history and provides ample opportunities for travellers to learn about important cultural events such as the Vietnam war. If relaxing is more up your street, you can visit numerous temples as well as some of the world's most glorious beaches.


Perhaps a little closer to home, France has a range of holiday options that will suit a number of travellers over 50. One village in the country is dedicated entirely to introducing people over 50 to the art of horse riding. Of course, you don't actually have to get on and mount the horse if you don't want to - there are a number of other horse-related activities to take part in in the village such as caring for the animals. Paris is also a perfect location in France for anyone wanting to experience a bit of glamour. The famous shopping street and fabulous bars and restaurants are ideal for anyone over 50 who wants to relax in style.

New York

One of the most popular cities for tourism in the world, New York can be a great place for those over 50 to enjoy the heartbeat of a metropolitan city. New York is famous for a number of reasons, including wonderful shopping facilities and Central Park, where you can enjoy horse and cart rides or simply relax in the stunning greenery. There are also a number of options for golfing holidays in the city - perfect for the recently retired who want to play their favourite game in a breathtaking setting!