There are many interesting towns and famous attractions that make Italy a preferred place for trips. Italy has many beautiful beaches and resorts where you can spend your unforgettable summer vacation.

If you need an exotic place with crystal water and unspoiled wilderness, the island of Capri is exact match for you. You will be surrounded by evergreen orange and lemon groves, you will be able to see many caves, most famous of which - Blue Cave - around and inside the water shines with unearthly blue light. Into bench terraces a tourist can see beautiful villas arranged, buried in vines and foliage. Everything radiates calm and sunny mood.

If you prefer fun and meeting new people - go to Lido di Jesolo – an Italy`s resort town placed on the Adriatic coast northeast of Venice. It is the source of the latest trends in nightlife of Italy!
The most popular beach resort in Italy – Rimini, is known for its wide golden beaches, calm seas, warm, sunny climate and traditional hospitality. Rimini is located on the Adriatic coast, twenty five kilometers south of San Marino. In this ancient city have been preserved historical monuments from the Roman era and the Middle Ages - Arch Augustine Bridge of Tiberius, Gothic Cathedral Malatesta, Sizmondo castle and many others.

Italy`s island Sicily is not only one of the leading Mediterranean summer holiday destinations, but also an island with a rich history, preserved the true treasures of art and architecture. It is a crossroad between East and West. In its lands passed Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians, norms and Moors. They have left some of the most remarkable examples of their culture in this sunny island.

Present and future interact each other on a daily basis in Italy`s city of Milan (or also known as Milano) – the most inventive European capital (while having Milan pulling the strings, who knows whether the happy hour will run for four hours, or whether clothing and household appliances will be made from baskets?). The city is full of all sorts of pleasures. Shopping centers are indicative of a quasi-religious nature. Theaters and cinemas and-coming club scene and tempting restaurants thrive to death in this fashion environment. Everything about Milan is related to designers and fashion of the highest caliber. The variety of modern shops and bars is almost too much. In Milan Duomo cathedral are located, "Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci, and cozy neighborhood restaurants where lunch cannot pass without a risotto Milanese and osobuko.

Italy`s Cortina d'Ampezzo is one of the first ski resorts in the world, and the most stylish ski resort in country. Located in the broad and sunny valley Ampetso, it owns 70 tracks with a total area of 82 km, served by 36 lifts. Cortina d'Ampezzo is suitable for all kinds of skiers and snowboarders too. The resort offers a great opportunity for shopping - there are over 200 boutiques. The fun continues in the elegant restaurants, nightclubs and piano bars. In Cortina d'Ampezzo, you can indulge in sports like polo noble or golf. The variety of sports offered is great, so if you do not ski will not be disappointed during your vacation in Italy or as the Danes call it Italien.