Document shredding companies can destroy personal data such as old CDs, credit cards and paper documents. If you look in the phone book, you will find dozens of these companies listed. This is because people want to protect their identity from identity theft. How do you know what to look for when hiring a document shredding company? I would sure hate for my identity to be stolen by the very person who I hired to protect it. You should look for a company that has a high rating with the Better Business Bureau. Always check out reviews of the company online and ask for customer referrals when you call the company or meet with them in person. A trustworthy company will be happy to offer referrals from their customers. Be sure to talk to the referrals in person and ask them questions about the company. Below is a list of the top five document shredding companies ranked by customer satisfaction:

5. Royal Imaging

Royal ImagingCredit: Imaging offers many features that other document shredding companies do not. These features aren’t exactly good. They do on site shredding and they can store sensitive documents for you. After you are done storing your documents, Royal Imaging can return your documents to you or shred them. If you opt to shred your documents with Royal Imaging, they will send your documents to their private shredding company. Having a go between can mean that your documents aren’t really secure. If you don’t need sensitive documents to be shredded, but just want to avoid identity theft, then Royal Imaging might be a good document shredding company for you and your family.

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4. Iron Mountain

Iron MountainCredit: Mountain  is one of the only document shredding companies that is trusted by Fortune 1000 companies in the United States. Iron Mountain offers a variety of secure shredding services. They offer offsite shredding, mobile shredding or one-time shredding with no contracts to sign or equipment to buy. They claim that their shredding services will increase employee productivity because they will have less distractions. Iron Mountain offers 24/7 live customer support. If you need shredding done quickly, even at 2 am, you can call Iron Mountain. They will securely pick up sensitive material and transport it to their facility where they will destroy the documents. No one can get into the facility unless they have been issued an ID badge and even then, they will be closely monitored on closed-circuit surveillance. The Iron Mountain is one of the top document shredding companies in service today.

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3. Cintas Document Management

CintasCredit: looking for document shredding companies that offer security, should look no further than the Cintas Document Management. Cintas will give you a Certificate of Destruction when your documents have been destroyed. They give you containers in the sizes that you need for easy transport to their shredding facilities. They will pick up the containers on the dates and times that you select. They shred all types of sensitive materials such as CDs and disks. All shredded material is recycled to help the environment. If you request a quote online, they will give you with a discount of up to 20%. Some of the items they suggest that you shred include invoices, financial and bank statements, sales figures, contracts and audit reports. They meet the highest security standards and are AAA NAID Certified and PCI DSS Compliant. Cintas Document Management is the perfect document shredding company when it comes to security.

2. Shred Nations

Shred NationsCredit: Nations is one of the best priced document shredding companies on the market. Even though it is priced low, it features all the options one would one in a document shredding company. Shred nations offers two different types of shredding services. Ship ‘n’ Shred is the best shredding service for boxes of documents that are less than 100 pounds. The boxes are shipped to the company warehouse where it is shredded. If you have more than 100 pounds, Shred Nation will perform on site shredding. You must fill out a shredding request. If you would like your documents to be shredded at the warehouse, you can make a special request. Shred Nation can shred items such as paper documents, hard drives, pill bottles, x-rays and cell phones. After your items have been shredded, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction. Shred Nations is a great option for those who cannot afford to spend a lot of money on document shredding companies.

1. Shred-It

shred-itCredit: is overall the best document shredding company. Shred-It branches can be found in over 140 locations across the United States and Canada. When you contact Shred-It, they will come to your place and secure your documents and information into consoles. The consoles will be shipped to the Shred-It warehouse where the documents and data will be destroyed. No one will be able to break into the secure consoles during transport. The only time your documents will be taken out of the consoles is once they have reached the facility and are about to be shredded. Shred-It can tailor their services to your needs. They provide the most secure and efficient information destruction service available. The Shred-It is one of the best document shredding companies on the market today.

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The best document shredding companies will have great customer service, will be secure and will work with you to get your shredding done on your schedule. When shopping for a document shredding company, read online reviews, decide what you need in a document destruction company and ask a lot of questions. This is your identity you are protecting and you need to find a reputable company that you can trust. If you trust anyone to take care of your sensitive data, you might get your identity stolen or worse, you could end up in jail for crimes you didn’t commit. Do yourself a favor and choose a trustworthy company to destroy your sensitive data. If you do your due diligence, you can find the best document shredding companies at a very reasonable price.