Home telephone service providers can provide you with a great way to communicate. Many people don’t think they need a home phone because they have a cell phone. There are a lot of benefits to having a land line phone. One benefit is caller ID. With a cell phone, you will not see who is calling unless they are already in your phone’s directory. A landline phone can show you the name of who is calling, even if you don’t know that person. This can be good for screening out telemarketers. A landline phone call cannot be dropped like a call on a cell. This is important if you are on a phone interview or are discussing a critical issue with your boss. Below is a list of the top five home telephone service providers ranked by price and features offered:

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5. Lingo

LingoCredit: http://www.lingo.com/Lingo is one of the few home telephone service providers that work through your internet connection. How it works is that Lingo will provide you with an adapter. All you have to do is hook  the adapter to your internet with an Ethernet cord and your home telephone with a telephone line. It includes all of the features you would expect with a home phone service included call return, caller ID and voicemail. You can check your voicemail anywhere including by phone, by web and by email. Lingo costs $23.95 a month for unlimited local and long-distance calling within the United States and to 45 different countries. They allow you to keep your current phone number so you won’t have to bother with updated your friends or family of a new number. Lingo is one of the top home telephone service providers on the market today.

4. Vonage

VonageCredit: http://www.vonage.comVonage is another home telephone service provider that uses your internet connection. When you sign up for Vonage, you will receive a Vonage Box that will need to be connected to your high speed internet connection. Then you will plug in your home phone and you can immediately start using your new phone service. You don’t even need a computer as long as you have high speed internet service. There are a variety of plans to choose from. Some plans are for international calling and some are for domestic calling. Vonage even has calling plans for small businesses. Unlimited residential calling within the United States and Canada is around $25 a month. They will send the Vonage Box for free and provide free activation. There is a 30 day money back guarantee if you are ever unhappy with the service. Vonage is one of the best home telephone service providers for any size family.

3. CenturyLink

CenturyLinkCredit: http://www.centurylink.comThose looking for home telephone service providers that let you choose what features you want, should look no further than CenturyLink. CenturyLink is a little more expensive than the other providers starting at around $45 a month. The basic plan includes unlimited local calls and a clear connection with no delays. The Phone Plus plan includes unlimited local calling, a long distance plan and your choice of ten calling features. The Unlimited Phone plan includes unlimited calling within the United States and your choice of ten calling features. What calling features can you choose from? Actually, there aren’t very many features to choose from but that’s why I ranked them third on the list. You can choose from caller ID, call waiting, voice mail, 3-way calling, distinctive ring, call rejection, call forwarding, last call return, additional lines and protection plans. CenturyLink is the perfect home telephone service provider for people who want a choice.

2. AT&T

ATT(107754)Credit: http://www.att.comAT&T is one of the best priced home telephone service providers on the market. Even though it is priced low, it features all of the options one would one in a telephone provider. AT&T offers four plans with the basic plan starting at $20 a month. The basic plan includes 25 local calls per month and 8 cents per call after that. It’s not much but if you have a cell phone and don’t use your home telephone a lot, this is a great option. The second option is only a dollar more at $21 a month and gives you unlimited local calls. The second plan is $28 a month and provides unlimited local calling along with calling features. The most expensive plan is still cheaper than CenturyLink at $37 a month. This plan gives you unlimited local calling along with high speed internet service. You are probably wondering what features are available. They offer many more features than CenturyLink. They features they carry include caller ID blocking, call block/call screening, call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, speed dialing, three-way calling, call return, call trace, custom ring, repeat dialing and voicemail. AT&T is a great option for those who cannot afford to spend a lot of money on home telephone service providers.

1. Verizon

VerizonCredit: http://www.verizon.comVerizon  is overall the best home telephone service provider. They have so many calling features that it is ridiculous. They have voicemail features that include OnePoint Voice Mail, Verizon Call Assistant and you can have multiple voicemail boxes. Verizon has features that will save you time including *69, busy redial and speed dialing. They have features that will protect your privacy including call blocking and anonymous call rejection. Verizon will also help you identify callers with caller ID, call waiting, call intercept and call waiting ID. Verizon has a variety of plans to choose from. The prices vary depending on location. Verizon is the best home telephone service provider on the market today.

The best home telephone service providers will be less than $30 a month and still offer all the features you would expect from a landline phone. When shopping for a home telephone service, make sure it is a legitimate company. Check out the Better Business Bureau and read reviews. If the company checks out, make sure they can offer service in your area. With a little bit of research, you can find the best home telephone service providers available.