You're Getting Terrible Advice

If you’ve looked into making money online by writing articles for residual income, you’ve probably read some of the worst advice imaginable and accepted it as legit.  While I cannot claim to be an expert on much of anything, I can honestly tell you I make a very nice income online.   In this article, it’s not my intent to give you advice on what to do, so much as to tell you why you need to think twice before you accept anything you read about making money online as accurate.

5 - Referral Income Motives

It’s common practice for many to promote a revenue sharing site, money making product, or ideas to make money as a means of securing some form of financial benefit.  It’s a part of the business.  People lie, puff, and exaggerate.

By way of example, shortly after a revenue sharing site started (listmy5), I read a post on that site all about how LM5 was by far the person’s favorite of all the sites and how the income just couldn’t be beat.  The author had written a total, including this particular article, of two articles.  The article came complete, after you read all about how it was the greatest thing ever, with a referral link.  You guessed it; they would make money off the new author, by getting a cut of the action on the new articles a recruited author submitted.  This doesn’t necessarily mean the site wouldn’t be great and live up to what the author claimed, but it was clear it was simply a puffery tactic to gain income.

The same can be said for products.  I have always touted WordTracker, for example, for coming up with keywords for articles.  I have been careful to never include a referral link, as it would sway people to think I was pushing them to a product to fatten my wallet.  When you read a blog or review about the latest and greatest product, was it complete with a nice referral link?   This is just one more reason to believe the info you’re getting sucks. 

We are pretty much all trying to make a buck.  Heck, even I provide links in my sig box on most articles to try to peddle an ebook I helped write.

4 - The Author's Misleading You

If you’ve been doing the online writing for revenue routine for a while, you’ve probably frequented forums and other areas, where you’ve met people that openly admit they are newbies, only to write an article about how you can maximize your earnings.  While it’s perfectly fine for anyone, even a complete novice to give out advice, if it’s given out as fact, it’s misleading at best.

3 - Their Claims Cannot Be Backed

How do you really know the author is what they claim?  True, Google requires authors to accurately give out payments of AdSense and not exaggerated claims, but there’s not much that can ensure the person claiming to make a bunch of money truly is making the pay of their claim.

Further, how could anyone truly prove anything like this to you, short of having you sit in with them while they do their income taxes?  Documents can be generated on a computer and passed off as original, numbers can be exaggerated, and things can be made up.  Virtually nothing you read online, with the exception of incredibly highly trusted sites, can be flatly accepted as gospel.  I could write an article right now on almost anything, post it online, fool readers to thinking it was true. 

2 - The Masses Cannot be Right

In terms of making money, if you are doing what the bulk of the people are doing, you’re not maximizing the potential.  If the masses were right, everyone would make a killing.  Unfortunately, only a small percentage of people ever make relatively big money online with writing.  Those people, for the most part, are not doing what the masses are doing.  The “tried and true” methods that everyone does seems to net, on average, about a buck per article, per month.  Why do some people average five times that or more?  They don’t do what the masses do; they alter the methods at least slightly.

I’m not going to give out advice on what to alter and what to do, as I’ve done that routinely over the last few years, but I will encourage you to explore some alternatives.  If not, you won’t find exceptional results unless you get lucky, or work like a dog.

1 - We're All Just Guessing

I give out advice from time to time.  I don’t know how to rank in Google for sure; I just know what works for me.  Anyone that claims they cracked the code or knows how to get the top spot every time is full of it.  We are all simply guessing based on past experience….hopefully.

Unfortunately, some people read about a method and share it with everyone that will listen, without giving it a test run and prefacing their recommendations as such.  This means they believed what they read blindly, even though it could be bad advice, and spread it to others.

By The Way - Who The Heck Am I?

I suppose this article could be found as offensive by some and accurate to others.  It was written by a guy that makes money online with articles, including this one, cannot really prove his knowledge or financial claims made over the years, and doesn’t really know for sure what works and what doesn’t.   It was just written by another author who's trying to make living writing articles for money.  Take it with a grain of salt.