Here are some of the top reasons that girls break up with guys.

You’re a Loser

Women do not like dating losers. If you have no drive in life then the girl may break up with you. If you have more drive for playing Halo on your Xbox then you do for getting a job then you can be considered a loser.

You may even have a job you enjoy such as delivering pizzas. You may think that you have a job and are happy delivering pizzas but you will need to do something further to keep your girlfriend. She will breakup with you if you are not husband material and it is hard to support a family by delivering pizzas, especially if you work at Papa John’s Pizza and have no benefits because the owner did not want to increase the costs of pizzas 20 cents each in order to provide healthcare to his workers.

You need to be goal oriented. You probably will not start off with a super-high paying job with great benefits but you can keep working towards one and take opportunities whenever they arise. You may need to sell meat door to door or some other nasty job. You also may need to go and get your college degree. As long as you are honestly working hard and making progress and becoming successful then you will have a much better chance of keeping your girlfriend. Even if you do want your girlfriend to break up with you so you can date other girls it is still vital that you keep working towards becoming more successful.

You Slept With Her Sister

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It does not matter if you slept with her sister or some other girl, your relationship is bound to end. Not only did you violate her trust, but you also endangered her with the chance of bringing sexually transmitted disease into her life. If you are sleeping with someone else and she finds out then you can expect the relationship to end.

Support Her

It is vital that you support your girlfriend, stand-up for her, and empower her. If you do not support your girlfriend then she can become emotionally distraught because her supposed Knight in shining armor will not come to her defense when other people are verbally attacking her.

You need to support your girlfriend instead of constantly ridiculing her. Instead of mocking her Yoga classes you should encourage her to continue with them if she likes them. You could really be a stand-up man and even go with her for some yoga classes. You never know you might actually like them.

If your girlfriend wants to do something but feels hesitant then it is up to you as her boyfriend to encourage her and help give her the faith and confidence to follow through on these things. If she wants to go camping for the first time but is kind of shy or nervous to do it then you as the boyfriend need to lead the way, take her camping, and help to ensure she has a good time. This will help build her confidence and then she will have the confidence to go camping by herself if she wanted too, even though she will probably bring you along again so you can cook the S’Mores.


Sex is a reason that your girlfriend may break up with you. It can however be any aspect of sex. She may break up with you because you keep trying to pressure her to have sex when she does not want to have sex until she is married. She may also break up with you if she wants sex and you cannot perform to her standards. You do not need to be a porn star in the bedroom but you do need to have confidence. If you only get yourself off in the bedroom and give little regard to her needs then she is more likely to break up with you. Whether you are having sex or not, you should never give your girlfriend a sexually related reason to break up with you.

Different Long Term Goals

If a woman would like to get married one day then she may breakup with you if you two have different and conflicting long term goals. An example would be if she wants to run for public office and go to Church every Sunday and you want to open up a strip club. If your long term goals cannot be mutually compatible with each other then she may break up with you. If you and your girlfriend cannot have mutually benefiting goals that can be worked together then a future marriage is doomed to failure or unhappiness. The girl will often understand this and it will cause her to break up with you, even if she loves you deeply.

Always Love Her

You may begin your relationship by always complimenting her and telling her how beautiful she is but once you have been in a relationship for awhile you may get lazy and quit doing these things. This is wrong and you need to continue to tell her how beautiful she is and always thank her for doing nice things for you. If she always cooks great meals and you quit telling her thank you and that you truly appreciate it then she will feel more burdened and more like a kitchen slave then as it should be feeling with her wanting to cook you dinner and do nice things for oyu.           

Lack of Work

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Relationships take a lot of work and you both need to be working on your relationship together. If you do not put any effort into your relationship then your relationship is doomed to fail. No matter how long you have been married it is important that you both continue working towards making your marriage a happy and successful marriage. Never give up on your relationship if you truly want it to work and your partner is working to make it work too.