If you are trying to sell your home and not having success then there could be many reasons why. Here are some of the top reasons that homes do not sell.

No Real Estate Agent

Many people try and sell their home without a real estate agent and they fail. Yes it may look like you would save some money on paper by not having to pay a real estate agent a fee; however in reality quality real estate agents often can get more money from a home sale price as well as being able to help you avoid the many hassles and stress associated with selling a home.

You can often be protected legally by using a real estate agent so if something goes wrong the real estate agent and the associated broker can fix the situation that may have occurred without it costing you anything additional and you also will not have to worry about the threat of being sued by the buyer.

Poor Curb Appeal

Norway HouseCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aigle_dore/6973026131/

It does not matter whether you are selling a fancy mansion in a neighborhood surrounded by immaculate mansions or a starter home with bars in the window in a Ghetto neighborhood of Compton, California. If your home has poor curb appeal then it will make it much harder to sell. Good curb appeal can be everything from as simply as simply cleaning the yard and removing the junked cars to hiring some landscapers to come and beautify the property. You may find that you are also either trimming some trees or having them removed so that potential buyers can see the property and as well as maybe not have to worry about a tree potentially landing on the roof of the home and killing them. You need to have great curb appeal and it will make it much easier to sell your home.

Bad Interior Staging

If you are selling your home then it may be imperative that you bring in a professional home stager. The extra money spent on a home stager is well worth the money, especially if you have a cock-eyed home layout.

An interior home stager can bring out the appeal in your home and help your potential buyers see it as a true home that they would like to live in as opposed to simply an empty home. The visual appeal of a good home staging can help buyers to navigate the emotional aspect of home buying and help to get them to place an offer on your home.

Wrong Market

Sometimes it is just the wrong market to sell your home in. If you are looking to get top-dollar for your home but demand from homebuyers is down then you may struggle selling your home. Go ahead and rent the home out and hold onto it until the market comes back and is more beneficial to you as the seller because you can make a higher profit. On the other hand if it is a seller’s market then you and your real estate agent will have the upper hand and be able to command top-dollar for your home.

Realistic Expectations

House(121151)Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Gingerbread_House_Essex_CT.jpg

You need to always have realistic expectations and this is where a real estate agent can really be worth their salt. Many homeowners have an emotional attachment to their property and often think it is worth much more than it actually is. A real estate agent can help you get a reasonable expectation of what the home can sell for and a ball park figure of how long until potential sale could be closed. If you do not have realistic expectations then you will be sorely disappointed with the results when you attempt to sell your home.

Poor Upgrades

Many people pay money and upgrade their home. Some investments will never be recouped when you sell your home. Investments and home improvement projects such as a fish pond in the yard may look cool, but the money you paid for the expensive fish pond will never be recouped when you sell your home. Other investments though can be recouped when you sell your home and even help you to make a nice profit. If you had a small 2 bedroom home and then transformed the back patio into a third bedroom you will probably recoup all of the money you spent on the home upgrades as well as being able to make a further profit.

By simply building an extra bedroom where the patio use to be you were able to expand and increase the total square footage of the home as well as providing an extra bedroom. An extra bedroom on the home will help to bring interest to many more buyers than will a small fish pond in the backyard.

Highlight the Highlights of Your Home

You may have an unfinished basement but instead of illustrating that to potential buyers who come to look at the home you should instead highlight the positives such as the master bedroom with the illustrious view of the valley. It is important that potential buyers have a good first impression of the home but you want to finish them off with a “bang” by showing them the coolest stuff on your house such as the huge master bedroom with the jetted tub and the amazing views. This is yet another time that having a qualified real estate agent show the house can help you out tremendously. They may easily be coming to see the home with their own real estate agent but you can usually be assured that they have the same goals in mind that you do so they can get their part of the commissions.

You need to highlight all of the benefits of the home. There may be aspects of the home that the potential buyers do not like but if the positives far outweigh the negatives then potential buyers can often make it work and they may place an offer on the home.