If you don't like to fish then do not move to Idaho. Idaho has a lot of fishing opportunities. Fishing is so popular that you can buy night crawlers at the gas Station. Some people get grossed out when worms are sold right next to their Diet Coke.


There are so many places to go camping that are free. We have paid campgrounds with showers such as KOA Campgrounds but if you want to camp for free and not have a shower available then don't move to Idaho. We have some of the best camping in the country for free but many of them do not have shower facilities. If you have to have a shower when you camp don't move to Idaho.

Boise Broncos

If you live anywhere near Boise then you will tire of the stickers, slogans, jerseys, and everything else that has Boise Bronco logoed on to it. The Boise Broncos Football team has rejuvenated the State Of Idaho. If you don't like the Boise Broncos Football team then don't move to Idaho. At the mall in Boise there is a Blue and Orange store that has nothing but Boise Broncos apparel and items. They even have Boise bronco Garden gnomes.

Gay Democrats

If you are gay and democrat then you can move to Idaho but I wouldn't tell anyone about your personal preferences. You can tell people you are gay and they will eventually accept that but NEVER EVER tell someone you are a Democrat.

Traffic Jams

If you enjoy staring at other drivers and listening to the radio while stuck in a traffic jam then don't move to Idaho. We have our occasional traffic jams but outside of Boise Idaho is a great state for no traffic Jams. Even in the Noise area the worst traffic jams are nothing compared to the daily traffic jams in Southern California.

Quarter Collector

If you like the state quarters then check out Idaho's crappy quarter with the falcon on it. We have so much cool stuff to put on the quarter and our dang Governor put on an ugly bird. If you collect state quarters then you probably will not want to move to Idaho.

Varied Climate

You can decide what type of climate you want to live in. You can be below sea level in Hells Canyon or you can live in the high desert or the high mountains. You can have extremely hot summers with extremely cold winters. If you like your weather to be predictable then don't move to Idaho.

Idaho is truly a great State to live in for the most part but there are a lot of downfalls. No State is perfect but parts of Idaho come pretty close. People from Idaho are proud of the heritage they have by being born and raised in Idaho. These same people hate our State Quarter as it reflects the influence that lobbyists had on our piss-ant Governor. Idaho is a great place to visit as well as live. If you have ever wanted to be a governor then run on Idaho, we sure could use a new one.