Divorce is rampant in our society. It seems like almost everyone we know is either divorce or in the process of getting divorced. In today’s society it is common to be divorced multiple times. There are many reasons divorce is so common. Here are some of the top reasons why people get divorced.


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Nobody seems to take wedding vows serious in today’s World. Most wedding vows say something to the effect of “Until Death Does Us Apart”, yet people do not seem to take it serious. People have a casual attitude towards divorce and it seems like people think that they hope the marriage worlds out but if not no big deal. Marriage is a big friggin’ deal and should be treated like it.


A lot of divorces happen because one of the partners cheated on the other partner by having sexual relations with another person. If you are married you should not be cheating. If you want to have multiple sexual partners you should not get married. Unfortunately a lot of people get married with the best intentions yet once ethic have been married for awhile they begin to desire other people and even get  a thrill from the cheating above and beyond just the sex alone. As a married person you need to do everything in your power to keep from cheating on your spouse.

Marriage Counseling

Many marriages can be saved by couples counseling. If both parties truly want the marriage to work out and are willing to go into the counselors office with an open mind and be willing to work at implementing changes to make the marriage work then a lot of  time the marriage can be salvaged and even improved.

Domestic Violence

If one of the partners, usually the man, is violent and hits his wife then a divorce can and should occur. There is no need for a partner to constantly be afraid of getting the snot kicked out of them. Your marriage vows said to “”love and cherish” your partner. Is smacking her with your fist loving and cherishing her?


People often change and couples grow apart. It is common for this to occur. Some couples are able to change and adapt together but for other couples divorce is often imminent. If a couple strays to far apart from each other then reconciling their love for each other can be practically impossible. Some people want to move back to the small town they grew up in while their partner hates the small town ad wants to stay in the Big City. Whatever the differences are change can often push couples apart.

Poor Communication

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All couples must have good communication for the relationship to service. In order to reach a common ground so you can advance through life together it is vital that you and your spouse communicate.


Drugs and alcohol are big reasons that couples get divorced but addiction can come in many different forms. Addiction can be any type of addiction that causes a couple to get divorced including pornography addiction, gambling addiction, or any other type of bad addiction.

Lost Faith

At one time you may have had a lot of faith and confidence in your spouse and though they could change the world. After a few years of marriage your knight in shining armor is unemployed and sitting on the couch playing video games on his laptop instead of looking for work to support his family. Losing faith and confidence in your partner can almost certainly cause a divorce.

It Takes 2

It takes both partners to make a marriage work. If both partners truly want the marriage to work out then it can, although it may take a lot of work. On the other hand if only one side wants the marriage to work such as the woman and the man is refusing to try and make it work then the marriage is doomed to end in divorce. If both partners are not working towards a good marriage then the marriage cannot work. Marriage is a partnership and it takes both sides for the partnership of marriage to work.

No Date Night

Having a date night each week is important. I am not referring to getting a mistress to take out but instead your wife. It is vital that married couples go out on dates together at least once a week. A simple dinner, walk in the park, and a movie at the discount theater can be enough each week to help keep that pair on track to a healthy and long lasting marriage that lasts forever.

It is so easy in the modern world for couples to grow apart. With such busy schedules it is vital that you schedule time for your spouse. You need to keep that passion that you had when you first begun dating. Help keep the love super strong in your relationshi0 by going on dated each week with your spouse.


The number one issue that causes people to get divorced is money issues. If you learn to budget your money and not go into debt then it can help to truly strengthen your marriage. If couples are deep in debt, facing bankruptcy, and are struggling to even put gas in the car to get the kids to school then divorce could easily be imminent. Sometimes a quality financial counselor can be more important than a traditional marriage counselor. It could be very beneficial to find a counselor who is both faith based and works to help out with financial issues that can drive wedges between spouse and lead to a nasty divorce.

 It really does not matter how much money you make but it is much more important to have a strong handling of the money that your family does bring into the household. If you and your spouse do not waste money and are not drowning in financial debt then you can truly hope to have a long lasting and happy marriage that will not lead to divorce.