Blogging is a project that can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Regardless of how long you have been blogging for there is always more to learn. Bloggers constantly learn new things. If you implement a basic plan and then stick to it you can succeed at blogging but many people fail. Here are some of the top reasons people fail at blogging and give up on it.

No Visitors

It can be hard to jeep blogging when no one comes and reads you blog. If no one reads what your write and you never get positive comments it can be hard to want to continue blogging. What is the purpose of blogging if no one will ever see what you write? Fortunately you can get visitors.

People who are not getting visitors to their blog often are killing themselves off. If you do not have very much content then you cannot expect a lot of visitors. If is common to see a new blogger make 2-3 short blog posts and then hit up the internet marketing Forum wondering why they are not getting many visitors. You need to be constantly adding new content to your blog.

In addition to adding content you need to make sure that it is interesting content. If you write boring widget like articles then you will not get return visitors or as many visitors from Google. Panda and Penguin made what works and not work change. In today’s World interesting and well-written content will trump any and all generic widget sale style blogs. If you continually publish great content then the visitors will begin to come and you will be much less apt to quit.

Not taking it Serious

You can get a domain name for $10 a year and inexpensive hosting for $6.00 a month so there is no reason to be hosting your blog on a free platform. If you do not take your blog serious then no one else will either.

Wrong Niche

Many people quit blogging because they are in the wrong niche. How do you know if you are blogging about the wrong subject? If you are not interested in your blog topic then you will get bored and quit. If you are not interested in your blog topic then you will lose interest rapidly and quit blogging.

You may have begun blogging about Car Insurance Rates Texas because you know it is a high paying keyword. This is wrong to do because you should be blogging about something you are interested in. If you selected a narrow niche topic and are not interested in it then you will quit. You need to immediacy begin researching out topics you are interested in and can stick with for a long period of time.

Not Instantly Rich


Many people have illusions of grandeur that a simple blog will make them thousands of dollars the first month and they will be able to quit their job and travel the world from their new-found riches. After a few weeks when the piles of money do not being rolling in they get upset that “bogging is a scam” and then they quit.

Not Focused

You need to focus on your blog and not get distracted. If you want to have your blog make money then you need to focus on your blog and not get distracted by every new Internet Income business idea that you come across. One thing that may help you to stay focused on your blog is to create a “Mission Statement” for your blog. It is often done in the real Business World and it will also help you to stay on track if you constantly review the mission statement you prepared on a regular basis.

No Passion

The most successful bloggers have a strong passion or what they do. You should ideally have a strong passion for not only the topic of your blog but also for blogging and internet marketing in general. If you have no passion for your blog then you will not be able to accurately portray the interesting aspects of your blog to website visitors.


It can get confusing for some bloggers and they choose to quit because they become overwhelmed with confusion. There are so many new ideas and affiliation ideas and numerous other things that it can truly be overwhelming to bloggers. In order to keep from getting overwhelmed you should focus on the basics of blogging. The basics of blogging consist of writing great content and sharing it.

No Spark

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No matter how interested you are in your blog there will be times you become uninterested in it and let it linger alone on the vast ocean of the Internet. In order to gain a renewed interest and rebuild your passion for your blog you need to reignite your spark. Only you can figure out how to renew the passion you once had for your blog. If you blog about collegiate athletics then you may find your passion renewed when you visit a track meet. Whatever you need to do to reestablish a spark is important. You cannot forcefully ignite a spark but you can look for opportunities where it can be lit naturally.

Forceful Breaks

Some people fail at blogging because their Internet hosting gets turned off. Maybe you got arrested and have to go to prison or maybe you were diagnosed with cancer and have extended stays in the hospital. One of the things that can help is to pay your internet hosting bill automatically through PayPal. This will allow your blog to continue on getting traffic and earning money even while you are away from it. If your blog gets turned off and you have to start from scratch then you may lose interest in blogging and decide that blogging is not for you. If you keep your hosting bill paid then you can continue to earn off of your blog even when you are not working.