Many people consider purchasing a twin air mattress but aren't exactly sure of the great benefits associated with this product. For most, the lure of sleeping on a bed of air is enough to persuade them, but others need to read about the added bonuses before taking the leap and buying an inflatable bed.

Below I have listed the most popular and sought after features of the twin air mattress:


Instead of the normal type of mattress, made up of cushions and pins, the inflatable mattress is filled with air, bringing life to the old saying, "like sleeping on air."

On average, reviews of these types of mattresses display a large amount of positive comments which stress the high levels of comfort on the body. Due to the soft material and extremely light feel of the bed, the back and neck are supported in a very pleasing way. This makes for a great sleep each night and helps you move on with your day in a positive fashion.


Most products are priced by one simple rule that the more expensive an item costs to make, the higher the price will be to the consumer in stores. This principle is equally true for the twin air mattress, but luckily, they aren't an expensive item to make. Since the bed is comprised of oxygen, which is entirely free, the cost of the mattress is cheap as well.

The most common price for the twin size air mattress is often falling between $20 and $50 without any extra accessories. But when these other objects are installed in the mattress, or are sold with the purchase separately, the prices will rise accordingly. For instance, some models of the inflatable twin bed will come with an oxygen pump built into it, raising the price a bit. Other models have customized shape and size to fit into the back of a truck for camping trips, etc.

Ease Of Storage:

As opposed to the full size mattresses that occupy most bedrooms, the twin size air mattress is extremely easy to put away in storage. Due to the design of the product, being filled with air, all it takes is a quick deflation and it can be stored anywhere. A deflation will take less than 5 minutes and due to the mattress being empty it can take any shape and be stowed away in many small places.

It's perfect for housing a guest or friend of the family during short visits. It's also perfect for a quick camping trip as it takes up far less space than a tent or a cot, but provides just as much value, warmth and coziness as the alternatives.


An inflatable twin mattress is first-rate choice for a spare bed to house guests or go on a camping trip. They are very cheap and can provide long lasting comfort at an outstanding price. The twin air mattress is an obvious choice for someone needing an extra bed on short notice and is highly recommended.