It can be hard to keep good employees around. If you run a business then it is vital you read through these top reasons why employees quit so that you can learn how to keep good employees around. On the other hand you may also want to begin enacting some of these reasons intentionally if there is an employee that you want to quit on you.

Pat on the Back

We often think that the only way to reward employees is by giving them a pay raise or letting them take some extra time off of work.  A lot of employees would like extra money and time off, but in reality a simply pat on the back will be more than sufficient for them. When you come into the office go over to the employee and let them know what a great job they are doing and how much you appreciate it. Don’t fluff it up and make it sound like you are lying. You want to be honest, or at least give them the perception that you are being honest. Many employees truly want to please their boss and it helps drastically if you let them know when they do a good job. Employees always want to be respected by their superiors and even other employees at the same level as them.

Lack of Pay

Lack of pay is a big reason why a lot of employees will quit. They may use your company to get in the door but once they realize they can get higher pay doing the job elsewhere then they will be gone in a heartbeat. This is the same problem that faces a lot of small town police forces. The budgets do not allow for these tiny towns to pay the police officers near as much as larger cities, so many officers will come onto the small town force as their first job in law enforcement out of the academy and then immediately begin applying at police forces in larger communities.

Once these police get a tiny bit of experience they then head off once they are hired to the big city. The trouble is that these small towns are constantly paying money to train new police and the turnover is very high s they are paying out a lot of extra money training officers they know will not be sticking around. Smart communities have begun to pay their officers amounts similar to what they can make in larger cities in the region. Although these communities pay much more salary to the officers, they save a lot of money by not having to constantly pay for extra officers on duty to help train the new officers. Sometimes if you pay your employees a lot more money it will actually help you to save money overall. Take a good look at everything and crunch some numbers. As a business owner you should never be afraid to pay more money in order to make more money.

By spending more money you can actually save more money and keep more people happier.

Bad Environment


Many employees quit because they do not like the environment. It may be that the employee hats the working hours such as rotating shift work or they may hate the actual office environment. In some offices the moral code is not as strict so the employees may constantly be making raunchy jokes and sexual innuendos about the other employees. Sometimes an employee will feel uncomfortable in this environment and will not speak up because they feel like they would be persecuted and mocked by the other employees so in an effort to blend in they remain silent. These employees are often the first ones to quit a job.


Many employees quit because they are lazy. They wake up one morning and decide they do not want to go into work so they skip work. They eventually quit coming into work altogether and you are forced to hire yet another employee. Many times laziness is not a variable that can be controlled by you as the manager or owner of the company but you can make sure that you get the best employees possible by paying a good wage and properly screening applicants during the hiring process.

Company Portrayal

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Would like to work for a company that was constantly in the news for negative things. How would you like to be an employee that worked for a company and suddenly the company was thrust into the National spotlight for something negative? All of the employee’s friends and family would be asking questions and asking if they were involved or knew about the corruption.  Odds are that employee is innocent and knew of no corruption yet just them working for the company makes them look bad even though they may have done nothing illegal or even wrong. If a major corruption or crime occurs and the media portrays your company in a negative light then you can expect many of your employees to quit.

Lack of Health Care

Almost every person will need access to affordable healthcare at one time or another. If company "A" offers great healthcare that is affordable and company B offers either no health insurance or health insurance with crazy premiums then you can expect Company A to be able to hire and retain much more of the top tier of talent. Until we get affordabke health care for everyone it is up to the business owners.

Have a Voice

Employees want to feel like they have a voice within the company and can help guide the company towards its future. Some employees are fine with a Union talking on their behalf while other employees may desire something as simple as an internal company survey about what you like and do not like about the company. Each individual employee is different but almost all employees will want to have their voice heard and recognized, regardless of the format that may take.