If you have ever wanted to become a trucker then now is the time to do it. There are many reasons you may want to become a driver. People choose to enter the trucking industry for a large variety of reasons. Here are some of the top reasons people choose to drive truck for a career.

High Pay

They can make a lot of money. You may not get rich driving truck but if you work hard and drive hard then you can earn a lot of money, especially if you do not have a college degree or any other specialty training such as being a Welder.

Quick Training

Training to become a lorry driver is often a quick deal. You will learn the basics at a truck driving school or from an experienced trucker and then you will get your CDL. Once you get your CDL you will then go out and spend time with an experienced driver. You will drive many hours each day as a team with your trainer who also will spend a while time training. This is where your real training comes into play. You learn a lot at truck driving school and driving the student semi-truck but until you actually get out into the “real World” you will not be able to conquer the practical training. Becoming a lorry driver is a quick process but you can spend an entire career constantly learning new things about driving truck. If you want a new career and do not have 4-6 years to dedicate for a college degree then you may want to consider a career in truck driving.


Traveling is the key reason a  people turn to a career as a truck driver. It can be hard if you ' a married person but if you are not married or if you are unhappily married you can enjoy the benefits of getting paid to travel. As a cross-country truck driver you will see a lot of new areas of the United States, Canada, and possible even Mexico depending on what Company you work for. Getting paid to see the Country is one of the top reasons people want to become one.

Own Your Own Business


Once you get some experience driving  you can lease your own truck and work for a company as an owner operator. If you want to open your own McDonalds franchise you will need a million dollars. For becoming a business owner in the trucking industry you can get involved for as little as $600 down for your first months lease payment. Working as an owner operator in the trucking industry can be very lucrative, even if you are a newer driver.

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