With the digital age of music at an all-time high it makes it easier than ever to listen to almost any song we want from almost anywhere. Here are some of the top reasons why people like to listen to music.

Recreation and Amusement

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The number one reason people listen to music seems to be that it is fun. People like to listen to music. We can listen to music when we do housework and it helps to pass the time. We can listen to music and sing along with it while we shower and it helps to pass the time. We can listen to music on our radio as we drive our car and it helps to make the time pass faster. Music can truly compliment any situation.

Stress Relief

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Music is a huge stress relief. There is music made specifically for helping to relieve stress; however, the actual type of music that works best for you to relive stress will often vary from one person to the next. Some people like Mozart or other classical music to relieve stress and other people will find Tupac to be a stress reliever. Whatever type of music it is, you can find music that can help to relieve your stress.


Music can be highly motivational. Find the music that works best for you and jam out while you do your thing. You may find “Eye of the Tiger” motivational and a good reason to get off your butt and go workout. Whatever the reason is you will often find music that is motivating to you.

Time Travel

Music helps us to travel back in time. We do not physically get to travel back in time to days of our past but we do get reminded of times in our past. Listening to certain songs can instantly give us Goosebumps and remind us of a different time. We may hear a song that reminds us of our first love, a childhood event with our father, or one of a million different things. Have you ever heard a song and been reminded of a different time? I know I have and so have many others.


Songs are playing everywhere everywhere and you are bound to hear it whether you normally listen to music or not. You may not normally listen to music but I am sure you hear it in the department stores and on television during your favorite shows. Unless you are entirely deaf then you probably listen to music. If you do not like listening to music then it probably means you just have not found a type of music you like listening too.

Mind Stimulation

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Music has been proven to help stimulate parts of our mind. Listening to music may even lead to better blood flow. Listening to music stimulates your mind and a stimulated mind also leads to an overall healthier body both physically and especially mentally.


Yes listening to music can be very educational. You can learn numerous things about things form music. An example of this is a lot of the music that was written about Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The lyrics to many of these songs can help you understand how some people viewed different aspects of the War at the time.


If we have to memorize something it is a lot easier to do if the words have a rhyming pattern and are set to music. You may struggle to remember anything yet you can rapidly learn and memorize the lyrics to new songs that you enjoy! Listening to music and putting words to the music is a great way to help you memorize easily whatever it is you need to memorize.


Many people who are really active and religious like to listen to Christian or religion based music. Christian music is huge. Many people like to listen to Christian music but some people will listen to it so they can learn more about Jesus and help to build their spiritual faith.

Increased Productivity

Some people easily get distracted by music but many other people find that their productivity increases when they listen to music. Depending on what type of work you do you may be able to get more done and get it done sooner by listening to music. If you have the type of personality where listening to music can help you to stay on track then you are lucky. Us lucky ones can get a lot of work done and get it done much sooner if we listen to music.

It Is Cheap

Listening to music is cheap and this is a huge reason that people will listen to music. It is a very inexpensive form of entertainment. You can listen to radio or online streaming music websites for free. You can buy an MP3 song download and then listen to it repeatedly forever. Music can get expensive for a few people but for most of us music will be an extremely cheap form of entertainment. Everybody can listen to music regardless of how rich or poor they may be.


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Some people who like to play musical instruments also listen to music to help get guidance on their playing style. If you are learning to play the Electric Guitar and find the Red Hot Chili Peppers to be inspirational and you like that form of music then you may try to pick up some free training by watching how the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform on the electric guitar. You can use any muscian as inspiration to learn from.

Why Do You Listen to Songs?

Why do you listen to music? Please share in the comments below why you listen to music because I would love to hear them, especially if you have a reason I did not post here. Listening to music is done for many different reasons. The reasons I listen to music may vary drastically from the reasons you listen to music but no one can argue that music is truly the International Language of all cultures here on Earth.